Plastic Basket Granulator Machine


Plastic basket is a common daily necessity and is mainly used for holding items, such as fruits, vegetables, clothes, toys, etc. It can be used to receive the scattered articles in our daily life because it can make the dimensional utilization rate higher and the space neater. It can also be used for transportation for improving the loading rate. There are also some plastic baskets that can be used for decoration. Plastic baskets are mainly made from plastic raw materials like PP, PE, PVC, ABS, PET, etc. Since the plastic can be recyclable but it does not degrade, recycling plastic is of great significance to both the economy and the environment. Plastic basket granulator is the crushing machine that is widely used in plastic basket recycling. It is used for shredding the used/waste plastic baskets into small pieces/flacks/granulates as an essential step of the plastic basket recycling.

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How to recycle plastic baskets?
The first step of the plastic basket recycling is collecting and sorting. Collecting is to collect the used/waste plastic baskets through different channels for centralized recovery. Since the plastic baskets are made from different plastic raw materials, it is necessary to sort out different materials after collecting. Then we need to wash and dry the sorted plastic baskets. The purpose of washing is to remove sand, stones, metal, etc.

The next step is to use the plastic basket granulator to shred these sorted and dried plastic baskets into small grains. The washing process can protect the plastic basket granulator from being damaged by foreign matters. After the granulating, we have to wash the shredded plastic baskets which now are the small particles again. The purpose of the second washing is to remove any impurities contained in it, such as oil. And then after dehydrating and drying, we can get the clear plastic particles which can be further processed into various plastic products by blow molding, injection molding, rolling and other processes.

WANROOETECH plastic basket granulator
WANROOETECH brand offers wide options for different kinds of plastic size reduction. For plastic basket size reduction solutions, plastic basket shredders and granulators are all ideal options. Just send us your own individual size-reduction requirements, we will tailor your case and recommend the most suitable machine.

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