Pipe Shredder Crusher-5 Kinds of Pipe Recycling Machine


Why do you need a pipe recycling machine, pipe shredder (pipe crusher)?
As the economy continues to grow, the sales of plastic pipes are increasing year by year. Generally speaking, plastic pipes do not rust or corrode, are lightweight, easy to cut, easy to join and do not require welding. However, a large amount of plastic pipe and profiles are discarded during the pipe extrusion process. After use, pipes are often simply thrown away when they are worn, damaged or broken.
And these pipes are composed of plastic or fibrous materials that are not easily degradable.

Plastic pipes and profiles are usually made of HDPE, PE, PVC, CPVC and PPR. To recycle these scraps, Wanrooetech pipe shredders, plastic pipe crushers, fast pipe crushers, shredding and crushing all-in-one machines and large-diameter pipe shredders are 5 viable size reduction options.

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How does a pipe shredder prove useful?

The waste generated by plastic pipes is a hazard to mankind and therefore needs to be regulated in some way. For this reason, pipe shredders have been invented to reduce the waste generated from pipes. Pipe shredders, also known as pipe crushers, are used to break down or reduce pipeline material to smaller pieces. These pieces can easily be reused in other manufacturing processes or can be easily composed using landfill methods.


There are many benefits to using a pipe crusher, which may include.


– The ability to reduce waste because of the large amount of used pipe that is properly disposed of with the use of a pipe crusher.
– As the pipes are broken down or reduced to smaller parts, these parts can be reused for a number of other purposes.
– If these small parts are found to be useless, they can also be broken down using the landfill method.
– Landfilling of fine pipe particles requires less space and overhead.
– Less pressure on the earth’s natural materials as the pipe waste itself is reused for many purposes.
– A pipe crusher is a machine that is designed in such a way that it makes wise use of fuel and electricity.
– It is a cost effective method because less electricity and fuel are used. In addition, production costs are greatly reduced because fewer natural resources are used to make new pipe materials.
– Pipe crushers are easy to maintain, allowing industries to implement the process of reducing pipe waste in an efficient manner.
– A pipe crusher is a machine that is designed with certain parameters in mind, such as corrosion resistance, low water and power consumption, simple construction, energy efficiency and ease of use.


Plastic pipe shredder.
The plastic pipe shredder has a removable feed hopper and coupler design. The mobile feed hopper pushes a large amount of scrap plastic continuously into the rotating rotor for shredding, achieving high output at full capacity.

Large diameter pipe shredder.
Designed for plastic pipes or plastic profiles ≤ 6 meters in length and ≤ 1200 mm in diameter, it can shred large diameter pipes without cutting them off, with a final size of 30-50 mm;

Plastic pipe crusher/granulator:
Thin-walled pipes with small diameters can be crushed directly into 12mm returns with the plastic crusher/granulator.

Long pipes are not suitable for this application, as the pipe is usually loaded horizontally into the crushing chamber. Pipes that are too long cannot be loaded. Therefore, with the help of manual feeding, only short pipes may be used in this way. After pelletizing, the return material is collected pneumatically in a buffer hopper.


Horizontal Pipe Crushers
For longer plastic pipes, which do not need to be processed by cutting, the whole pipe is crushed at a very high speed and is an excellent choice for customers with higher output requirements, which can then be further processed with a crusher. According to our test machine, a 20m PE pipe takes only 3-4 seconds to process

Plastic Pipe Shredder Crusher Machine (Two in one).
The design of the shredder and crusher as one, the site area is relatively small and the cost benefit is high, the shredding and crushing all-in-one machine can regrind the material from lumps to 40 mm chopped granules to 10 mm, our proven size reduction technology produces a uniform regrind that can be immediately reused.


Of course, pipe recycling does not end with just shredding and crushing, we offer our customers a complete pipe recycling solution, you just need to tell us the type of pipe you need to process (PVC/PE/HDPE or other), the final size required (pellets or plastic powder or chips), the output required (output per hour or per day), the area of the plant where the equipment can be placed, and the size of the plant. We have professional engineers to help you develop your own pipe solution on a one-to-one basis, so you don’t have to worry about it.


If you don’t know which machine to choose for your pipe recycling, don’t worry, we will give you professional advice. If you have any questions about pipe shredding and recycling, you can also send us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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