Pharmaceutical Waste Shredder For Used Needles Scalpels Swabs


Why We Need Pharmaceutical Waste Shredder?
If pharmaceutical waste is not stored and disposed of correctly, it can prove to be extremely harmful to the environment along with human and animal health.

What is pharmaceutical waste?
Pharmaceutical waste is any waste that contains medicinal drugs that are expired, unused, contaminated damaged or no longer needed. Our waste services can help with the collection and disposal of the following:
Cytotoxic waste
Cytostatic waste
Pharmaceutical stock which is out of date
Pharmaceutical stock which is no longer required
Controlled drugs destruction kits
Recalled pharmaceutical stock
Pharma bins
PPE waste
All waste associated with pharmaceutical
Pharmaceutical Waste Recycling

How do you dispose of pharmaceutical waste?
Pharmaceutical waste can not be disposed of in the usual way. Special care and precautions must be taken when handling and disposing of pharmaceutical waste due to its dangerous nature. If your pharmaceutical waste is not disposed of appropriately, the effects can be devastating, not only for the public and the environment but for your business. pharmaceutical waste shredders machines are a good choice for recycling pharmaceutical waste. 

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Pharmaceutical Waste Bins
What bins and containers are available for Pharmaceutical waste?
As mentioned previously, Pharmaceutical waste must be stored securely before collection. This minimizes the chance of the waste leaking, spilling or contaminating the rest of the waste accumulated on your property. At Business Waste, we provide a wide range of different bins and containers for Pharmaceutical waste. This includes:
Clinical Waste Bags
Cytotoxic and Cytostatic Waste Bags.
These bags are purple so that you will not confuse them with your regular waste bags and are designed to safely and securely store cytotoxic and cytostatic waste. You can dispose of the following items in them:
Blister packs
Medicinal Vials
Disposable Garments
Gloves and Wipes

Clinical Non-infectious – Yellow and Black Clinical Waste Bag
If your pharmaceutical waste is non-infectious, it can be stored in a yellow or black clinical waste bag. This includes:
Empty Colostomy bags
Incontinence Pads
Nappy and Wipes
Disposable Garments

Yellow Clinical Waste Bag Clinical – Highly Infectious Hazardous
Any waste that is considered ‘infectious’, or could be contaminated should be stored in these bags. This includes:
Garments that have been contaminated with infectious body fluids
Dental Clinical Waste Container
If you own a dental practice or surgery, you need to ensure your waste is disposed of safely. You can dispose of the following items in our white waste containers:
Unwanted Amalgam (The materials used for fillings)
Teeth with Fillings
Capsules Containing Residues
Sharps Bins
Sharp Bins are containers that have a specially designed lid to ensure that the materials contained within them cannot be easily accessed. They are used to store materials such as:
Medical Waste Bins
Additionally, we can provide you with a range of Medical Waste Bins in a variety of sizes. Each bin will have a different colored lid, depending upon the materials contained within it. At Business waste, we can work closely with you to provide you with the appropriate resources and develop a collection plan that works for you.
Pharmaceutical waste shredder Video:

Different types of pharmaceutical waste
As per data from WHO (World Health Organization), only about 10-25% of pharmaceutical waste is infectious waste. For example, needles, scalpels, used swabs, used bandages, human tissues, organs, animal carcasses, etc. These infectious wastes pose potential risks to human health or the environment and thus require special treatment. A majority of 75-90% is general waste which is non-hazardous. For example, office paper, wrapper, kitchen waste, etc. that haven’t been in contact with patients. No matter if it is safe disposal of the hazardous portion of pharmaceutical waste or the recycling of the non-hazardous, a pharmaceutical waste shredder can effectively reduce the waste size facilitating further processing.

Pharmaceutical waste shredder from WANROOETECH
WANROOETECH size reduction pharmaceutical waste shredders machines are a good choice for recycling pharmaceutical waste. We have various types of pharmaceutical waste shredders available with a wide choice of different cutting knives, screen mesh sizes and output capacity to meet your specific requirement. It includes single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder and granulator. Whether you are looking for pharmaceutical waste shredders for an initial size reduction process or a granulator for secondary further size reduction. Contact us and one of our sales representatives will discuss your pharmaceutical waste shredder recycling needs in detail. Also, we will recommend the most suitable solution which best fits your needs.

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