PET Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine For Sale


Plastic bottle crusher for pet plastic bottles, bottle bricks, milk bottles, Sprite and Coke bottles, beverage bottles and other bottles of plastic and the development of the crushing equipment. Mainly used for large PET filament grade bottle flake cleaning line or large capacity shredder back-end fine crushing support. For PET bottle brick material combined with the different needs of the finished flake size, the capacity ranges from 500kg/h-3000kg per hour. PNSC plastic crusher chamber main body and spindle parts are used four-axis CNC machining center integrated molding process, less than 20% of the whole machine welding ratio, within the scope of blade wear allowed, plastic bottle crusher machine can support 7 × 24 hours of continuous operation without stopping, and lasting and stable performance.

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PET Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine Features:

– This plastic bottle crusher machine is suitable for crushing recycled pet plastic bottles, bottle bricks, milk bottles, Sprite and Coke bottles, beverage bottles and other bottle plastics.

– The body of the machine is made of high-quality steel finishing welding, high-strength screw fasteners, solid structure, durable.

– 9 chrome silicon material knife more durable, increase the crushing force output capacity.

– Movable and fixed knife gap can be adjusted, the knife can be removed after the knife ton to sharpen the knife, with a number of protection devices.

– Within the allowable range of blade wear, the single machine can support 7×24 hours of continuous operation without stopping, and the performance is durable and stable.

– Forced feeding without popping material, crushing out of the flake material evenly, small loss (screen can be customized according to requirements).

– Adopt hydraulic tipping device, hollow type knife frame structure design, four groups of dynamic knife drive, CNC processing once formed structure is solid.


PET Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine Video:

PET Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine Working Principle:
The structure of the machine mainly consists of feeding hopper, crushing chamber, moving knife, fixed knife, rotating shaft, bottom frame, bearing seat, screen and so on. The knife frame is driven by the motor-driven pulley, which makes the knife frame rotate at high speed to crush the material, and then sent out of the outlet evenly by the screen.


Heavy duty belt pulley: smooth transmission operation, low noise, low vibration, and large inertia. Precision machine processing, high concentric accuracy, no machine jumping when working. 4-6 triangle belt drive, strong kinetic energy output without slipping.


Crusher knife frame: the group is commonly divided into V-shaped knife frames flower knife frames, and flat knife frames. According to the characteristics of different materials equipped with the type of knife frame. Knife frame made of solid special steel shaft, by rough machining, special surface treatment of key parts, finishing three processes. The knife plate is fully welded with high-quality dibond welding, after high precision power balance adjustment, breaking material easily without pressure.


The bottom screen: the screen tray design, compared with the traditional screen installation and fixed way, the replacement of the screen is safer, without personnel squatting to the bottom of the machine to replace the material. Screen changing efficiency is more efficient, no screw fixing, just loosen the side tension bolt of the machine to change the screen. No screw fixing, no need to worry about whether the screen fixing screw is loose every day, higher efficiency, faster and safer is our goal.

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