PE Cable Pipe Braiding Threading Tube Extrusion Production Line


PE threading pipe cable pipe production line is made by Togo customers with pipe diameter of 16-32mm, using SJ65/33, 37KW plastic extruder. We provide test machine service before delivery. After the PE threading pipe cable pipe production line arrived at the customer’s factory, it has been put into use. The customer has taken videos of the production site of PE threading pipe cable pipe production line feedback to us, and the production line of PE threading pipe cable pipe production line is running well, and the customer is very satisfied. Never stop improving the quality and service!

low chart of PE threading pipe cable pipe extrusion production line :
Raw material → vacuum feeding machine → plastic extruder→ vacuum calibration machine → haul-off machine→ pipe winder

Video of PE Cable Pipe Braiding Threading Tube:

What is PE threading pipe cable pipe?
PE threading pipe with high-density polyethylene resin as the main raw material, adding appropriate additives, by extrusion processing molding high-tech products. The product has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance, high mechanical strength, long service life, excellent electrical insulation performance and so on.
The full name of the threading pipe is “building insulation electrician bushing”. Colloidal speaking, it is a kind of white hard PVC line pipe, corrosion prevention, leakage prevention, pipe for wire. Divided into plastic threading pipe; Stainless steel threading pipe; Carbon steel threading pipe. For indoor normal environment and in high temperature, dust, vibration and fire danger places. It can also be used in wet places. It is not allowed to be used in places with special moisture, acid, alkali, salt corrosion and explosion risk. The ambient temperature ranges from -15 ° C to +40 ° C. Excellent mechanical properties of threading pipe. Excellent corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, working pressure of more than 2.5mpa.
The threaded pipe has a smooth surface, small fluid resistance, no scaling, and is not suitable for breeding microorganisms. Small coefficient of thermal expansion, no shrinkage deformation. Traditional installation and connection. The epoxy coating layer can effectively solve the corrosion of metal pipes caused by water conveyance, buried ground and acid, alkali and salt, and the service life can reach more than 50 years.

PE threading pipe cable pipe application
PE threading pipe cable pipe is widely used in urban road construction, community development, garden landscape, enterprise construction and other places, as power, street light, lawn light, garden light, community intelligence, cable TV, communication, intelligent transportation and other cable threading casing.
1, PE threading pipe as a flame retardant plastic wire pipe, so it is sometimes used as a threading pipe for the layout of wires in the home, PE threading pipe is required to be connected firmly, no gap;
2, in the high installation of PE pipe, PE pipe should be fixed with the top of the wall;
3, PE plastic threading pipe into the line, should be connected with the wire box with a lock. When a PE pipe is used as a cable pipe, the number of wires to be threaded must be certain. That is, four power cables can be threaded into a 20mm PVC pipe.
4. Three power cables can be threaded into the PVC pipe with a diameter of 16mm. If too many power cables are inserted, the normal operation of the power supply circuit will be affected, and it is not conducive to the maintenance of power cables.

Performance characteristics of PE threading pipe cable pipe:
1, excellent physical properties, not only good rigidity, strength, but also good flexibility, convenient installation;
2, corrosion resistance, high aging resistance, long service life. PE pipe can withstand acid, alkali, salt, oil and electricity of various media erosion, a wide range of geological adaptation;
3. Good toughness and deflection. PE pipe is a kind of high toughness pipe, its elongation at break is more than 500%, the uneven settlement of the foundation, dislocation adaptability is very strong, seismic performance is superior, small diameter pipe can be arbitrary bending;
4, good electrical insulation performance, durable, safe and reliable line operation, buried service life of more than 50 years;
5, lightweight, easy to transport and handling;
6. The pipe section is long, the interface is few, the installation, maintenance and maintenance are simple and convenient. Small diameter pipe can be used coil;
7, the pipe can be made into different colors according to user needs to distinguish;
8, good wear resistance, is 4 times of metal tube, low-temperature impact resistance. Winter construction will not occur pipe brittle crack;
9, construction technology to adapt to a wide range, in addition to traditional excavation construction, but also can use trenchless technology.

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