PA Nylon Foil Fishnet Yarn Packed Scrap Recycling Shredder Machine


What is PA scrap?
PA scrap refers to used polyamides. Polyamides are made from polycondensation of diacid with a diamine or by ring-opening polymerization of lactams with 6, 11 or 12 carbon atoms. There are different types of PA scrap but PA6 and PA66 are the most widely used polyamides globally. This PA scrap has different sources from different markets and applications. For example, purge lumps from foil production, filament scrap from textile production, monofilament PA6 Fishnet scrap, scrap from production from Nylon foil, yarn packed in bales, natural PA 66 (Uncoated) from Airbag manufacturing, and filament scrap from Carpet production, etc.

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Actually, these PA scrap has good recycled value if they can finally be extruded to manufacture fibers for the textile industry or films for the packaging industry, or injected. Many recycling machines such as PA scrap balers, PA scrap shredders and granulators, and extruders will help to enhance the whole recycling efficiency and make it feasible.


How to recycle PA scrap?
Generally speaking, the PA scrap recycling process involves baling(for transportation convenience), shredding/grinding, and extruding. Packing PA scrap in bales is just for transportation and handling convenience. When PA scrap is delivered to a recycling center, bales should be open. Materials will throw into the PA scrap shredder first and then PA scraps granulator for further size reduction. Of course, some materials can be granulated directly without shredding. Finally, the small particles will be fed into an extruder to produce pellets for new plastic products.

PA scrap shredder and granulator from WANROOETECH
WANROOETECH range of shredders and granulators cover versatile applications including different types of PA scraps. We have single shaft shredders, double shaft shredders, and small to large granulators in our product range. So if you are seeking machinery for shredding or grinding PA scrap materials, contact our WANROOETECH team and we can tailor the shredding or grinding machine to suit your material size reduction purpose and capacity requirement case by case.


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