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What materials can be recycled by aluminum plastic separation machine


Aluminum plastic separation machine is a kind of environmental protection type machinery to separate aluminum and plastic for recycling use. Maybe you’ll ask, what materials can be recycled by aluminum plastic separation machine ?

We all know that with the rapid development of modern industrial technology, more and more aluminum and plastic products have been widely used in various fields of our life. Waste aluminum-plastic materials and scrap aluminum foil plastics come from the corner scraps of pharmaceutical factories, aluminum-plastic board factories, food and beverage plants and other aluminum foil packaging industries. Used flexible packaging bags, medical blister packs, toothpaste, milk bottles in waste recycling station.

According to the statistics of the national authorities, Food factory, cigarette factory, pharmaceutical factory, chemical industry and many other industries of product packaging in China have reached hundreds of millions of tons.

Aluminum plastic composite materials

If not handled promptly, those aluminum plastic products not only pollute the environment but also caused a huge waste of resources.Therefore, we can recycle aluminum and plastic from aluminum composite materials by aluminum plastic separation machine and sold the recycled products on the market or for further use.

And then how to separate aluminum plastic composite materials by aluminum plastic separation machine ? The process of aluminum plastic separation machine adopts dry type physical separation technology, not only realize the recycling and utilization of waste aluminum and plastics but also zero pollution emissions.

Aluminum plastic separation machine

In short, the aluminum plastic separation machine is applicable to process almost all kinds of aluminum plastic composite materials and aluminum plastic separation recycling business has a big potential market. If you have aluminum plastic composite materials to be recycled, please free to contact us .

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