Metal wire drawing steel strip baler machine

The metal wire drawing steel strip baler machine is an efficient and automated packaging equipment. It adopts hydraulic drive to quickly compress materials and tightly pack them through steel strips. The machine is easy to operate and can flexibly adjust the material box and forming size to meet different material requirements. The high-strength frame design ensures the stability and durability of the machine, and can withstand large pressures. The steel strip is tightly wound and has excellent packaging effect, suitable for industries such as steel and metal recycling, making it an ideal choice to improve packaging efficiency.

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The metal wire drawing steel strip baler machine is widely used in multiple industries, especially in industries such as steel, metal recycling, automotive manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing. It can quickly and efficiently package various types of metals and heavy materials, such as steel, steel plates, metal waste, etc., ensuring the safety and integrity of goods during transportation and storage.

Performance characteristics

1、Hydraulic drive, time-saving and labor-saving:
The machine adopts a hydraulic drive system, which achieves fast and efficient packaging operations through hydraulic cylinders, greatly saving manpower and time.
2、Manual operation, flexible and adjustable:
Easy to operate, the packaging process can be easily controlled manually.
The material box and forming size can be selected according to different materials and packaging needs, with strong adaptability.
3、Vertical structure, easy to operate:
The vertical structure makes the compression molding operation more convenient and reduces the difficulty of operation.
4、Convenient feeding and high molding efficiency:
The machine is designed with reasonable feeding ports, making the feeding process simple and fast.
The compression ratio is large, which can complete the compression molding of materials in a short time and improve the molding efficiency.
5、High strength frame design with strong durability:
The machine frame is made of high-strength materials and carefully processed through multiple processes, resulting in a sturdy and stable structure.
Capable of withstanding double the pressure of itself, ensuring that the machine maintains excellent performance during long-term use and has extremely high durability.

Operational Principle

The metal wire drawing steel strip baler machine achieves the compression action of the material box through a hydraulic drive system. The material is placed on the workbench of the packaging machine, and is compressed to the preset size by the downward movement of the pressure plate or head through the push of the hydraulic cylinder. Next, the steel strip is automatically pulled out of the storage device, tightly wrapped around the compressed material by the packaging head, and firmly connected at both ends of the steel strip through the locking mechanism to complete the packaging process.

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Pressure: 30 tons
Size of feeding port: W600×H600 mm
Packaging size: W600×D400×H(300~700)mm
Hydraulic system pressure: 16 MPa
Motor power: 5.5 KW / 7.5HP
Feeding method: Manual feeding
Bundling quantity: 4-7 lanes
Packaging method: Steel wire rope flipping bag
Working mode: Electric button control
Door opening method: Front and rear door opening
Source: 3P—200V/220V/380V/400V/415V—50/60Hz
Hydraulic oil specifications: L—HM 46
Total floor area volume: 1450mm×720mm×2920mm(L×W×H)
Weight: 1100kg

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