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Medical Waste Shredder Sterilizer

Medical waste shredder can shred big volume of medical waste needed to be collected by authorized waste collectors for special treatment before recycling, for example, infectious waste like bandages, swabs, syringes, red bags and surgical blades & knives; pharmaceutical waste like the expired or unused medicines, etc. At present, the main international high temperature medical waste steam sterilization process of the main process has three kinds: first shredder after sterilization, sterilization at the same time shredding, sterilization after shredding first.
We offer three solutions: 01. medical waste high temperature stream centralized disposal system. 02. Integrated Sterilizer with Shredder. 03. medical waste Shredder+medical waste sterilizer. Medical waste sterilizer with Shredder not only fully meets the requirements of “Medical Waste Management Regulations”, the disposal temperature is 134°C, the sterilization rate is more than 99.9999%, the medical waste after shredding and sterilization can be directly buried safely, but also reached the European standard of medical waste disposal.

Product List