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Medical waste refers to all types of waste materials generated at health care facilities like hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, physician’s offices, nursing homes, blood bank and collection centers, animal houses, as well as laboratories and research organizations. Medical waste disposal should be proper and it makes great sense to recycle some recyclable medical waste.

Types and Sources of  Medical Waste
Medical Waste is generated in large quantities every day from medical facilities such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, labs, nursing homes, animal clinics, blood banks, funeral homes, health clinics, medical research laboratories, dentist offices and home health care. Medical waste is collected by authorized collectors and undergoes treatment before recycling.
The medical waste firstly goes through high temperature sterilization, then it is completely destroyed by a medical waste shredder. Due to medical waste is featured in high temperature and humidity, containing a lot of alloys, and that may be contaminated by blood, body fluids or other potentially infectious materials and has the potential if untreated to harm humans or the environment.

Medical wastes are classified into different categories as follows:
– General waste: wastes that do not pose any hazard, e.g. office paper, wrapper, kitchen waste, etc.
– Pathological and anatomical waste: human tissues, organs, blood, fluids, body parts and animal carcasses, etc.
– Infectious waste: waste capable of transmitting bacterial, viral or parasitical diseases, such as used bandages, swabs, disposable medical devices or laboratory cultures of infectious agents.
– Sharps waste: needles, syringes, scalpels, knives, blades, etc.
– Chemical waste: laboratory reagent, disinfectants, batteries, etc.
– Radioactive waste: products contaminated by radionuclides
– Pharmaceutical waste: unused and/or expired medicines or drugs.
– Genotoxic waste: highly hazardous, such as waste containing cytotoxic drug

Medical Waste Disposal
Improper management of medical waste brings the potential danger of getting infected or injured to health care facility staff, patients, waste handler and even the general public, it might also pollute the environment. It is very important that all health care wastes are appropriately sorted and segregated at generation, treated and disposed of in a safe manner.
WANROOETECH provides a complete medical waste shredding disposal system. The medical waste is destroyed safely and effectively in a relatively closed environment. The shredder knives are wear-resistant and tough enough to deal with 316 stainless steel and alloy scalpels.
According to WHO (World Health Organization), out of all the generated health care waste, only about 15% is hazardous, the remaining 85% is general waste which is non-hazardous. No matter if it is safe disposal of the hazardous portion of medical waste, or the recycling of the non-hazardous, size reduction is an essential step. WANROOETECH range of products includes various shredders and granulators, which will help you with size reduction for the medical waste. Contact us to get an optimal solution for your size reduction needs.

WANROOETECH Medical Waste Sterilizer Shredder Machine
MWSS series medical waste shredding with autoclave is newly developed and produced by our company. It is widely used in hospitals, clinics, health centers and dentists, etc. It meets the standard of GB150-2011«Pressure Vessel» and TSG R0004-2009«Pressure Vessel Safety Rules». Shredding, sterilization and drying can be done in one autoclave, thus avoiding the second pollution. It saves space. And can greatly reduce the costs of packaging, transportation and burying.

Technical Advantages :
For the convenience of the user, this shredding autoclave adopts a built-in electric steam generator to produce steam as a sterilization medium, automatic water supply and water level protecting system.
The feeding port is on the top of the machine with an electric sliding door which is easy for loading medical waste.
medical waste shredding autoclave can ensure a thorough crushing, sterilization and drying within 90 minutes.


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