Marine household waste baler machine

Marine household waste compactor is a device designed specifically for large offshore facilities such as ships, used to handle household waste generated by crew members. It efficiently compresses garbage through a hydraulic system, reduces volume, and facilitates storage and transportation. The equipment has a high degree of automation, is easy to operate, and is equipped with safety protection functions, which is an important equipment for improving the environmental performance of ships.

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The marine household waste baler is suitable for various types of ships, including cargo ships, yachts, fishing boats, cruise ships, container ships, bulk carriers, drilling platforms, etc. Regardless of the size of the vessel, this type of equipment can be used for the disposal of household waste.

Performance characteristics

No need for bundling, simple operation: Marine household waste packaging machines are usually designed without the need for additional bundling steps. Simply put the garbage into the machine, press the start button, and the machine will automatically compress and pack.
Installation of casters, easy to move and can also be fixed: In order to facilitate movement and adapt to different working environments, marine household waste packaging machines are usually equipped with casters or foot seats. In this way, when it is necessary to move the machine, it can be easily pushed;
Low operating sound, suitable for use in office areas: The marine household waste compactor generates low noise during operation and will not cause interference to the surrounding environment and personnel.

operational principle

Hydraulic Station: The marine garbage compactor is a hydraulic system driven equipment. After the equipment is turned on, the motor rotates to drive the oil pump to work and extract hydraulic oil from the oil tank.
Hydraulic cylinder: Hydraulic oil is transported to the hydraulic cylinder through a delivery pipe. The pressure of hydraulic oil drives the piston rod to undergo longitudinal compression.
Compression process: When the piston rod moves forward, it will compress the marine household waste in the compression bin. This compression process effectively reduces the volume of garbage and facilitates subsequent storage and processing.
Material pressing module: The material pressing module is composed of an electric box control unit and a material pressing plate, which is an integrated module that makes the equipment small in size, simple in structure, but fully functional and easy to operate.
Pressure silo: The internal design of the pressure silo has compression and packaging reminders. When the amount of garbage in the pressure bin reaches a certain level or is compressed to a certain extent, the equipment will automatically prompt the packaging function, or stop working by opening the door to ensure the safety of operation.

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Pressure: 2 tons
Bin volume: 105L
Hydraulic system pressure: 10 MPa
Motor power: 0.75KW/ 1HP
Feeding method: Manual feeding
Operation method: Manual
Garbage bag specifications: 800×1000mm
Source: 1P-220V-60Hz/3P-440V-60Hz
Hydraulic oil specifications: L—HM 46
Fuel tank capacity: 10L
Land occupation volume: 900mm×920mm×1800mm(L×W×H)
Weight: 185kg

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