Jumbo Bags Recycling Machine


What are jumbo bags?
Jumbo bags are likewise preferred as FIBC( Versatile Intermediate Mass Containers) bags, extremely sacks bags, or mass bags. They are quite ideal for the transport or shipping of mass items such as dry or flowable food and pharmaceutical things. This is since they are sturdy, long-lasting and cost-effective. Also, it is the hardest weather as well as environmental problems, they can still in good used condition. Generally talking, jumbo bags are generated from woven polypropylene material and also they are secure as well as hygienic in nature. You can reuse them several times. There are a number of types of jumbo bags and also each of them performs different applications.

Why do you need to shred jumbo bags?
Reusing and recycling the jumbo bags are both optimal and also uncomplicated options when big bags are close to completion of solution life. If they are no more to be safely reused, you can reuse the big bags. Woven material is created by virgin PP plastic and afterward shaped or attached to form jumbo bags. Luckily, PP plastic materials can be refined again and again without losing much structural stability. The common recycling procedures consist of collection, sorting as well as cleaning, shredding, splitting up and also compounding. During entire big bags reusing, dimension reduction is essential as well as a needed step to get the last PP flakes. When big bags are cleaned up, a shredder and also a mix of shredder and granulator will certainly come to reduce bags into small convenient flakes. Extruders will certainly thaw down the flakes as well as produce pellets for brand-new item production.

Jumbo bag crushing washing line with squeezing dryer 

Jumbo Bag Shredder

Jumbo Bag Squeezing Pelletizer Machine

Select your right jumbo bags shredder from WANROOETECH
WANROOETECH brand shredders cover several types of size reduction equipment for big bags. Both single shaft shredder, as well as double shaft shredder, are feasible to reduce big bags into tiny items. The common shredder is our swing-arm single shaft shredder. So call WANROOETECH team today to locate your suitable big bags shredder and proper version.

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