Is the plastic crusher blade installed positive and reverse?


Answer: Plastic crusher blade installation is positive and negative, but still depends on the direction of rotation of the moving knife to decide. If the side of the moving knife is up, the fixed knife blade facing downward, the side of the moving knife is down, the fixed knife blade facing upward, the installation master is in the process of installation, knows the principle of plastic crusher machine operation, will soon understand.

As we all know, the crusher blade used for a long time generally needs to grind when it should be blunter, then does not greedy fast want a one-time grinding; should be sanded in stages, first the blunt knife grinding out the edge, and then fine grinding, grinding out a sharp knife mouth.

Plastic crusher blade video:

General plastic crusher knives are fixed knives and have dynamic knife compositions. Fixed knives are fixed in the wall, dynamic knives fastened to the rotating spindle, fasteners are screw tethered plus fixed, in the crushing process, so that they will not loosen.

To begin with, we must first turn off the power supply, the crushed material inside the hopper clean, and then use the tool wrench to unscrew the screws fixed chassis, with a wrench to twist the fastening screws on the blade, and will gently remove the blade, one by one in order to twist the screws of the knife shaft on both sides of the machine wall.

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If there is no professional technical maintenance staff in the workshop, you can call the manufacturer directly after-sales, looking for maintenance staff to help, this process should pay special attention to safety, be careful of the blades cut hands, with good protective gloves, must not be convenient, unarmed, so as not to hurt the body accidents. At the same time to ensure the stability of the entire plastic crusher, do not use too much force.

If all the plastic crusher machine blades are installed, try to rotate the knife shaft to see if the rotation is normal, smooth, there is no noise, check whether the direction of operation with the machine labeled arrow blade, if correct, you can close the case, tighten the fastening screws.

Finally, open the power supply, and observe whether the crusher is in normal operation, the plastic crusher blade installation is positive or negative? If normal operation, then confirms that the installation of the blade is correct.


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