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Why book shredder or magazine shredder is needed in book and magazine recycling?

Whatever you are fans of books or magazines, or whether you are school graduates, with years’ accumulation, your shelves probably have been filled with all kinds of books & magazines and most of them are no longer of your reading choice. These piles of dusty old books and magazines are becoming your headache as they take up space but you have no more use of them at all. However, these books & magazines can be well recycled and made into new paper products if being disposed of properly.

Books and magazines are a little difficult to be recycled compared to the other paper waste like cardboard, office paper, etc. Because they are strongly bound by adhesives or staples. In the recycling process, books and magazines usually are shredded into small-sized scraps as the first step by proper shredding equipment and then delivered to proper granulators for secondary size reduction to obtain fine paper shreds. Thereafter, those fine paper shreds are processed through further treatment like ink removing, pulping, etc, new paper products like tissue, office paper, toilet paper are produced.

Wanrooe Book Shredder / Magazine Shredder

Wanrooe brand covers various types of shredders and granulators with different size and output capacities. To shred books and magazines, both single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder are workable. If you have specific requirement of final particle size, single shaft shredder is better choice than double shaft shredder. Because it is equipped with a mesh screen that can control the shred size. The size of screen mesh can be customized according to your specific requirement. The final shred produced by double shaft shredder normally is in long strips. And the width of strip is mainly decided by the blades’ thickness of the double shaft shredder. Just contact one of our sales representatives and communicate with him/her your detailed shedding requirements, and believe you will be offered an optimal proposal.

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