Industrial Vertical Plastic Granules Mixer Dryer


PNLD Lifting mixer dryer is mainly used for mixing plastics as raw materials, masterbatch and recycled materials. PNLM cannot be used dealing with plastic powder and all kinds of foods, chemicals, and inflammable, explosive and volatile materials. Bulk density should be taken into account when the dimension of material is uneven or in other forms.

 Industrial Vertical Plastic Granules Mixer Dryer

Industrial Vertical Plastic Granules Mixer Dryer Application:
Mixer units are widely used in mixing drying, coloring and other industrial art. Plastic granules mixer dryer is an ideal equipment for producing profiles and pipes. The hot mixer has self-friction, electric heating of the heating method
The mixer dryer has three layers of sealing in the pot cover. The pot cover of the cooling mixer adopts an arch cover, which can avoid deforming. The mixer dryer has features of compact construction and good performance. All of the blades have passed the test of dynamic balance and static equilibrium.

Industrial Vertical Plastic Granules Mixer Dryer Application

Industrial Vertical Plastic Granules Mixer Dryer Working principle:
Ordinary dryer drying, because the raw material is static, hot air penetration is not sufficient, only in the local heat, raw materials are easy to clump, causing the blockage, so it can not achieve the effect of comprehensive drying. The design of this machine is a two-stage spiral fast conveying, the level of raw materials quickly into the barrel, the second level and then the raw materials will be quickly lifted to the upper end of the barrel to the umbrella-shaped flying scattered, while the hot air is blown out from the lower center of the barrel to the surrounding, smoothly from the gap in the moving raw materials from the bottom up to penetrate the raw materials for a comprehensive heat exchange dynamic drying process.

As the raw material keeps rolling in the barrel, the hot air keeps conveying from the center so as to achieve the synchronization of mixing and drying, saving time and energy. If you do not need to dry, just turn off the drying switch and use only the mixer function, this machine is also suitable for mixing granules and crushed materials, and masterbatches. >The barrel body and spiral blade, shaft, barrel, bracket and other parts in contact with raw materials are evenly made of stainless steel.

When it is necessary to clear the material, you can open the clearing mouth and make the spiral reverse to start the drying fan, which can achieve the simple operation of clearing the material.

Industrial Vertical Plastic Granules Mixer Dryer Features:
1. Stir vanes and barrels are made of stainless steel
2. Stir vanes are convenient to be loaded and unloaded and easy to be cleaned
3. Close stirring, safe and reliable
4. Complete mixing in a short time
5. The timer is equipped to adjust mixing time freely
6. Material tank and propeller blades are made of stainless steel, eliminating rust corrosion and easy to wash
7. The frame is of framework design, solid and durable
8. Propeller is wholly processed after welding, with high concentricity and steedy operation
9. The standing operation allows little space
10. Mixing in a sealed manner, uniform mixing and no leakage definitely

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