Industrial Single Shaft Shredder Machine


Introduction of single shaft shredder:
The single-shaft shredder is mainly composed of a blade spindle, a fixed knife, a carrying box, a box bracket, a feeding system, a hydraulic pushing system, a power system, and an electrical control system. Mainly used to shred wood, rubber, plastic, paper and other waste materials. The single-shaft shredder blade is stronger and tougher, and its material selection determines the extraordinary hardness of the blade. The cold-worked die steel is currently a kind of very high wear resistance. The single-shaft shredder made of this material The shredder blade has very good strength and extremely high toughness. It is very suitable for shredding soft materials. Moreover, there is no problem even if the material is mixed with a small amount of metal. In addition, the cost of the blade of the single-shaft shredder is not high, and the use and replacement steps are very convenient, and there is no overly complicated cleaning and maintenance process in the daily use process, and the maintenance is very convenient and simple. Due to the widespread use of single-shaft shredders, single-shaft shredder blades are a very common industrial tool, which can be bought in industrial stores, which greatly facilitates the industrial operation process and saves time. Improve efficiency.

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Applicable for single shaft shredder:
Single shaft shredder can be used for the re-pulverization and recycling of all waste plastics such as boxes, thin pipe fittings, plastic parts, bottles, shells, and domestic plastic products, or as an auxiliary machine of the injection molding machine to re-pulverize the nozzle materials or defective parts of the injection molding machine. In detail, there are various types of materials with recyclable economic value, such as plastics, wood, waste plastics, electronic waste, waste home appliances, rubber tires, pipes, plastic shells, nozzle materials, aluminum materials, paper products, etc.


Working principle of single shaft shredder:
In daily industrial operations, the single-shaft shredder after power-on can put the materials into the chassis through the feeding system, and the electric motor drives the power system to cut, squeeze and tear the blades of the shredder and the fixed knife. The shredding action is repeated continuously to complete the task of shredding the material, and then the shredded material is discharged through the screen so that the shredding operation is completed.

Features of single shaft shredder:
1. It is suitable for shredding of materials with strong entanglement, allowing a small amount of light and thin metal objects in the material;
2. The blade maintenance cost is lower;
3. Under the same power condition, the price is relatively lower than that of double-shaft, three-shaft and four-shaft shredders;
4. Easy to follow and change tools;
5. The size of the material can be adjusted according to the aperture of the screen;
6. It has a strong shredding ability, provides a large shear force, and ensures a high crushing output;
7. The guide bar and guide block of the pushing box can be replaced and adjusted to maintain stable pushing and ensure the sealing of the crushing chamber.

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