Industrial Rubber Products Pulverizer Machine

Rubber pulverizer machine is an efficient and professional equipment for waste rubber processing. It applies advanced crushing and grinding technology to convert waste tires, rubber sheets and other materials into uniform rubber powder to meet different industrial needs. With the features of easy operation, strong adaptability and adjustable particle size, the machine can effectively improve the recycling rate of waste rubber and reduce environmental pollution. In the rubber recycling and reuse industry, rubber mill plays a vital role.

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The applicable materials of rubber mill mainly include all kinds of waste rubber products, such as inner and outer tires of bicycles, tractors and automobiles, shoe soles, gaskets, rubber factory offcuts, sealing sheets, conveyor belts and so on. In addition, it can also process materials such as steel wire tires, rubber tubes, rubber trimmings and so on. Through the processing of rubber mill, these waste rubber products can be effectively transformed into raw materials of recycled rubber, realizing the reuse of resources.

Working Principle

Crushing: Waste rubber products are firstly sent into the crushing system, through the high-speed rotating blades or hammers for preliminary crushing of rubber, crushing it into small pieces of moderate size.
Fine grinding: the rubber pieces after preliminary crushing enter the grinding system. The grinding system is equipped with internal grinding media, such as grinding disk, blade, etc. These grinding media are rotating at high speed. These grinding media will further grind the rubber blocks into powder under the action of high-speed rotation and friction.
Sieving: The ground rubber powder enters the sieving system. The sieving system usually adopts a multi-layer screen structure, according to the size of the aperture of the screen, the rubber powder will be sieved into rubber particles of different sizes. In this way, we can get the rubber powder products that meet the requirements.
Conveying and Dust Removal: In the whole process, the rubber mill is also equipped with automatic conveying and dust removal system. The automatic conveying system is responsible for transporting materials from one process to the next, ensuring a smooth production process. The dust removal system is responsible for collecting and treating the dust generated during the process to keep the production environment clean.

Performance Advantage

Easy to operate: the operation of rubber mill is very simple, users only need to put the waste rubber products into the machine, adjust the relevant parameters, and then start production. At the same time, the machine has a high degree of automation, which can reduce manual intervention and improve production efficiency.
Energy saving and environmental protection: rubber mill adopts advanced crushing technology and efficient energy utilization, which can significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions in the production process.
Strong adaptability: rubber mill can adapt to different kinds, shapes and hardness of waste rubber products.
Adjustable crushing granularity: the crushing granularity of the rubber mill can be adjusted according to the demand, and the granularity is even.
Advanced structure and stable performance: rubber mill adopts advanced structure and design, with stable and reliable performance. The equipment has little wear and tear, low maintenance cost and long service life.
High output and low power consumption: rubber mill has higher output and lower power consumption among similar equipment.
Dust Collecting Device: The rubber mill has added a dust collecting device, which effectively reduces dust pollution and keeps the production environment clean.

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Rubber Pulverizer, Rubber Grinder, tire pulverizer, tyre pulverizer, tyre powder making machine

Model PNRP-280 PNRP-300
Main motor power 22kw*3=66kw 30kw*3=90kw
Speed motor power 1.5kw*3=4.5kw 1.5kw*3=4.5kw
Air blower power 7.5kw 7.5kw
Air seal power 0.75kw 0.75kw
Feed size 1-8mm 1-8mm
Final fineness 20-80mesh 30-100mesh
Capacity 200-500kg/h 300-500kg/h
Working temperature ≤70℃ ≤70℃
Dimension 1560*1500*1400mm 1560*1500*1400mm
Weight 2000kg 2500kg


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