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What is Animal Carcass Shredder?
The animal carcass shredder is a mechanical equipment specially used to process animal carcasses.It uses advanced crushing technology to cut, tear and crush animal carcasses through specific working principles, such as dual-axis or multi-axis rotary cutter systems, converting them into smaller fragments for subsequent processing and disposal. .This kind of equipment is widely used in many fields, such as animal husbandry, scientific research, wildlife protection, zoos and other places.It can not only effectively reduce the environmental pollution of animal carcasses and prevent the spread of odor and bacteria, but also realize the recycling of resources, such as using the processed animal carcass fragments as raw materials for organic fertilizer or bioenergy.

Why would you shred dead animal body?
Whether normal death or disease of animal carcasses, often carry a variety of bacteria, if don’t handle or improper handling, the body can quickly decompose, reeking of corruption, make the pathogenic microbes pollute the air, water and soil, the spread of the disease and spread, at the same time, and its direct or indirect contact with the possibility of infection. This requires timely treatment to prevent the growth of bacteria and the spread of disease, namely the harmless disposal of animal carcasses.

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Three ways to disposal dead animal body:
At present, three harmless treatment methods are mainly used. The first is deep burial, low cost, but difficult site selection, can not effectively sterilization; The second method is incineration. Large incinerators have high operating costs and a high risk of air pollution. The third is high temperature and high-pressure method, the animal carcass can be processed after an animal feed and plant fertilizer, but there are disadvantages such as large facility area.
In order to speed up the efficiency of landfill or full combustion, it is necessary to crush the animals before landfill and incineration. The purpose of shredding animal carcasses before incineration is to reduce the size of large animals entering the incinerator, eliminate the gap, and make the broken animal carcass uniform in size and texture, which is more conducive to combustion and improve the incineration efficiency.
Animal carcass shredder machines can be broken animal carcass, artificial with sawdust, tobacco ash, chaff, wheat bran, etc., and then use special high-temperature resistant bacteria to degrade, and finally all the raw materials into dry powder. Animal carcasses put into the machine are transformed into powder used as base fertilizer for plants.


Animal carcass shredder machine Video:


Animal carcass shredder Machine Introduction:
Animal carcass shredder machine specialized for animal carcass crushing and design, the whole machine technology comes from Italy, the blade is made of imported high strength alloy steel, has a very strong wear resistance and high strength and other characteristics, the driving part of the middle gear transmission, the formation of a differential relationship. The screen is easy to disassemble. After shredding the material through the screen control size, uniform discharge, the output can reach 300-10000kg per hour. Animal carcass shredding machines can deal with dead pigs, dead cows, dead chickens, dead chickens, dead cows and other animals. The discharging size is dead chicken, dead duck, dead goose 100mm below, dead pig, dead cow, dead sheep 200mm below.

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Principle of animal carcass shredder machine:
Due to the complicated tissue structure of animal carcasses, their skeletons are hard and brittle, and their fur, muscles and toughened tendons are well organized, the problem of shaft winding will occur during the usual extrusion and impact. Wanrong machinery production of biaxial animal shredding machine can effectively solve the above equipment problems while increasing the equipment down. On the principle of the biaxial animal carcasses shredding machine is using low-speed high torque of two axes relative motion, fixed on the shaft with blades of edges and corners will be in the heart of the spindle rotation process into the bodies of dead animals that equipment tearing, shear broken, broken after the animal bodies without any filter out equipment complete broken body directly, For the problem of crushing size, customers can make a reasonable choice by replacing the blade of the equipment.

Advantages of animal carcass shredder:
1. animal carcass shredder with no screen design, in the process of treatment will not cause equipment blockage due to fur and related reasons affecting the discharge.
2. animal carcass shredder double shaft design, through the double shaft shredding machine can affect the bone, wool and other difficult to broken materials processing, and will not cause damage to the equipment blade due to the limitation of bone and other factors.
3.  animal carcass shredder with low speed and high torque design, the equipment keeps low speed during the whole operation process, and the surrounding ground will not be polluted due to splashing. The high torque will help to shorten the fur and bone.

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