Industrial Corrugated Cardboard Shredder Machine


What is corrugated cardboard?
Liner and medium are two main components of corrugated cardboard. Linerboard is a flat material and most of it is on the outer surfaces of the board. Medium is the paper that is formed into arches or flutes between the linerboard facings. So corrugated cardboard can be considered as a combined board that has different types by using a variety of flute structures. For example, single face, single wall, double wall and triple wall. Also, there are many other items to specify the corrugated cardboard. For example, flute size, edge crush strength, burst strength, flat crush, surface treatment, coating, and basis weights of components, etc.

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corrugated cardboard is used for making cardboard boxes and also popular as corrugated cardboard. It can well protect glass, metal, china from scratches, chips or breaks. Different choices of corrugated medium, flute size, combining adhesive and linerboards can have specific properties to match a wide variety of uses. For example, tripe-wall corrugated cardboard can be for manufacturing high stacking strength and puncture resistance packages.

How to recycling scrap corrugated cardboard?
When corrugated cardboards are out of service or even just after single use, we have to think about the proper disposal solution for them. If corrugated cardboard is still in good status for further use, we can find new solution to use them. If we cannot find new solution, they can go with scrap fiberboard and start waste recycling process. Dry and clean corrugated cardboard recycling is quite straightforward if there are no non-paper materials involved. After collecting large amount of corrugated cardboard, it is quite necessary to compact them into tight bales for efficient transportation to recycling centers. Then these corrugated cardboards will be shredded and crushed into small pieces for pulp making in paper mills.

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WANROOETECH corrugated cardboard shredder
WANROOETECH has many types of shredders and crushers for the size reduction of corrugated cardboard. Take one of our past projects, for example, our swing-arm single shaft shredder can shred corrugated cardboard into pieces which will be transported through a conveyor into a heavy duty crusher for smaller pieces like 3cm. If there are not so many materials for shredding, sometimes a single granulator is enough for small quantity of corrugated cardboard.

Contact WANROOETECH team to tailor your own corrugated cardboard shredder to meet your own recycling requirements.

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