How to separate plastic and paper?


Waste paper-plastic composite packaging is very common in our daily lives, such as milk cartons, beverage cartons, and food packaging bags. This material is difficult to degrade because of the plastic film on it. If it is discarded at will, it will cause environmental pollution. To recycle and reuse it, the paper and plastic must be separated. This is where a paper-plastic separator comes in.


What is a paper-plastic separator?


A paper-plastic separator is a device that is used to separate paper and plastic. Its main features are that it can recycle plastic, the paper pulp separation rate is as high as 95%~99%, the feeding is simple, the separation is fully automatic, which saves labor costs, and it can be customized according to needs, and the processing capacity can be customized according to the scale. In addition, the paper-plastic separator also has the characteristics of environmental standard production and energy-saving motor, large processing capacity, and more energy-saving and electricity-saving. Using a paper-plastic separator can achieve the effective separation of paper and plastic, improve resource utilization, and reduce environmental pollution.

paper-plastic separator

Application range of paper-plastic separators


Paper-plastic separators are suitable for processing various waste materials containing paper and plastic, such as waste printing materials, packaging boxes, and plastic bags. After these waste materials are processed by a paper-plastic separator, the paper and plastic can be effectively separated, thereby realizing resource reuse. Especially for some resources that need to be recycled and reused, such as used plastic bottles and used rubber products, paper-plastic separators can also be effectively processed.



Working principle

The working principle of a paper-plastic separator is to use mechanical force to separate paper and plastic. During the separation process, the weight and shape of paper and plastic are different, which can be separated by the action of mechanical force. At the same time, the paper-plastic separator also has automatic detection and adjustment functions, which can be adjusted automatically according to the characteristics of different materials, thereby improving the separation efficiency and processing quality.




When operating a paper-plastic separator, it is necessary to operate according to the instructions of the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and personal safety. At the same time, it is also necessary to regularly maintain and maintain the equipment to extend the service life of the equipment.

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