How to separate aluminum and plastic on aluminum plastic films recycling?


Aluminum plastic film is widely concerned because of its good ductility and thermal sealing. Therefore, there are a large number of waste aluminum-plastic films every day. How to separate aluminum and plastic waste aluminum plastic films has always been a difficult problem. Chemical methods Treatment of waste aluminum plastic films will produce environmental pollution. Therefore, many aluminum plastic film treatment equipment manufacturers are developing reliable pollution-free aluminum plastic film physical treatment equipment. Wanrooetech has invested in research and development after many years of technology. Aluminum and plastic on the waste aluminum plastic film. The following engineers of Wanrooetech will take you to understand the main process of separating aluminum and plastic separate aluminum and plastic recycling equipment.

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First of all, the aluminum-plastic film is broken into a small segment material through the teleportation belt, and then the broken material after the crushed material is polished into powder. During the grinding process, it will cool through the circulating water cooling system. Second, the material of the grinding powder passes through The spin screen is sieved finely; in the end, the material that meets the granularity requirements enters the electrostatic proportion of the splitter for sorting, and if the particle size requirements are not met, the grinding machine will continue to grind.

Aluminum-plastic recycling machine video:

After the above process is treated, aluminum and plastic in aluminum plastic films can be separated. Wanrooetech’s aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment are completely used by dry physical separation technology. Metal aluminum and plastic are separated through the process of crushing, grinding, circulating water cooling, rotating sieving, and electrostatic sorting.

Separated aluminum and plastic by aluminum plastic separation equipment have certain recycling and reuse value. Aluminum can smell aluminum ingots or raw materials for fireworks and firecrackers and bubble bricks. Plastic can be pressed or grained into other new products, so The product is widely used and the recovery value is high.

If you want to understand more details that separating aluminum and plastic films, please contact Wanrooetech at any time. Wanrooetech’s engineers will recommend the appropriate aluminum-plastic film equipment configuration solution based on your actual situation to help you seek rich profits with a reasonable investment.

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