How to recycling PVC plastic pipe?


What is PVC pipe crusher?

As we all know that, PVC pipe is one kind of white plastic pipes. We normally use the PVC pipe for plumbing and drainage. The PVC pipe crusher is the size reduction machine available to shred the PVC pipe for recycling purposes. Because this crusher can crush the PVC pipes into small pieces or even granulates.

The PVC pipes are made from the material named polyvinyl chloride which is a mixture of plastic and vinyl. The features of polyvinyl chloride determine the PVC pipes are durable, strong, lightweight, and have good mechanical strength. It can carry high pressure water and also it can be cut or shaped very easily. So it is widely available in building and construction applications. Although the PVC pipe has so many advantages, the service life of the PVC pipe is not long enough. When we need to replace the PVC pipes with new ones, we need to handle the waste PVC pipes through a complete recycling line.

Recycling Principle

The recycling principle of PVC Plastic Pipe Shredder is mainly to physically crush the PVC plastic pipe through the high-speed rotating blade, cutting it into smaller fragments. These fragments can then be further sorted, cleaned and other processing processes to remove impurities, and ultimately used as recycled raw materials for the manufacture of new plastic products or other industrial applications

How to use the PVC pipe crusher?

The PVC pipe crushing machine has several types such as single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder and granulator. These types all have no problem crushing the PVC pipes. The single shaft machine is equipped with a screen, so you can control the size of the PVC pipes after crushing by the size of the screen. The speed of the double shaft shredder is the slowest among them because it crushes the PVC pipe by the occlude of blades. The operation speed of the granulator normally is very high and also it can make the PVC pipes into much smaller particles.

The operation of these types of PVC pipe crusher is very easy. You just need to press buttons to control the machine. There is start button, stop button, emergency stop switch listing on the control panel, you can press the buttons to control the PVC pipe crusher as you need.


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