How to recycle waste POY and FDY products


What are POY and FDY

POY is a variety of polyester filament, mainly used to make shirts, shirts, skirts, Hanfu and other clothing styles.It has high tensile strength and low elongation at break, which gives textiles made from it better strength and durability.In the textile industry, POY products have a wide range of applications.


FDY is the abbreviation of Fully Drawn Yarn in English, which means fully drawn yarn in Chinese (called fully drawn yarn in Taiwan).By introducing stretching during the spinning process, coiled filaments with high degree of orientation and moderate crystallinity can be obtained.FDY is a common chemical fiber material whose main raw material is polyester fiber.Conventional FDY comes in two types: polyester and nylon, both of which are chemical fiber filaments.



How to deal with POY and FDY

Mechanical crushing: Use a special crusher to crush POY and FDY.These crushers are usually equipped with high-speed rotating blades or hammers to break filaments or blocks into smaller particles through shearing, impact, etc.By adjusting the parameters of the crusher, such as rotation speed, blade spacing, etc., the size of the crushed particles can be controlled.According to needs, crushed materials of different particle sizes can be obtained to meet the requirements of subsequent processing.Crushed products usually go through screening equipment to remove oversized or undersized particles and ensure a uniform particle size.


Reunion and granulation: Thermal agglomeration uses heating to melt or soften part of the material on the surface of the raw material particles, thereby increasing the adhesion between particles and forming agglomerates.During the agglomeration process, it is also necessary to add some auxiliary agents, such as binders, dispersants, etc., to improve the performance and stability of the agglomerates.The selection and use of these auxiliaries needs to be based on the specific raw materials and agglomeration requirements.The agglomerated and granulated products can be further used to manufacture new textile products or other industrial applications.


Advantages of using agglomeration machine

Efficient recycling: Through its multi-knife rapid crushing and continuous mixing functions, the pellet machine can quickly crush and mix POY and FDY waste materials, and efficiently convert waste materials into reusable particles.


Maintain material properties: During the granulation process, the pelletizer uses low-temperature granulation technology to ensure that the chemical composition and plasticizing properties of the material are not changed.


Improve product quality: The polyester fiber particles processed by the pellet machine have the same specific gravity as the original particles, and can be evenly mixed with raw materials and used directly for reproduction, thus improving the quality and stability of the product.

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Relative devices

Fiber agglomeration machine

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