How to recycle shrink film?


What is shrink film

Shrink film is a packaging material made of polymer plastic film. Its main feature is that it can tightly shrink on the covered object during heating, forming a tightly fitting packaging effect with the packaged item. In the production process, the shrink film will be made by selecting raw materials and ratios according to different product requirements, and through steps such as extrusion molding, shaping shrinkage, printing, cutting, and finished product packaging.


Shrink film has a wide range of applications and is often used in packaging for food, beverages, daily chemical products, and more. Its sealing and anti-counterfeiting properties can protect the safety of the product, while its transparent and beautiful characteristics also enhance the market competitiveness of the product. In addition, shrink film can also be used to protect easily damaged electronic products and other products from collision, scratching, and other damage. In addition to physical protection and aesthetics, shrink wrap can also be marketed and promoted through printing, design, and other methods to enhance brand image and consumer trust.

Why recycle shrink film

Shrink film, as a plastic packaging material, if not recycled, will accumulate in large quantities and become waste, causing pollution to the environment. Shrinkage film is difficult to decompose in nature, and long-term existence in the environment can occupy valuable land resources and may release harmful substances, causing pollution to soil and water sources.

Recycling shrink film can achieve the reuse of resources. Shrinkage film consumes a large amount of resources and energy during the manufacturing process. If not recycled and reused, it will waste a lot of resources. Through professional recycling, shrink film can be transformed into new plastic products or other valuable materials, achieving resource recycling and reducing the exploitation and consumption of natural resources.

Recycling shrink film can also save costs and improve economic benefits for enterprises. By recycling and processing, enterprises can reduce their demand for new raw materials and lower production costs.

How to recycle shrink film

Processing and recycling shrink film is an environmentally friendly and economical approach:

The discarded shrink film is collected and then subjected to pre-treatment. This pre-treatment stage usually includes cleaning and crushing, with the aim of removing impurities from the shrink film and crushing it into smaller particles or powder.
The pre treated shrink film particles or powder will be sent to a specific production line for regeneration processing.

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