How to Recycle PVC Plastic Steel Profiles



PVC plastic steel profiles, referred to as plastic steel profiles, mainly by the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material, and add a certain proportion of stabilizers, coloring agents, fillers, ultraviolet absorbers, etc., after high-temperature extrusion molding made. As PVC profiles are processed into windows and doors, steel is often added to the cavity in order to enhance its firmness, so they are also known as plastic steel doors and windows.

Recycling process

The recycling steps for PVC plastic steel profiles begin with a meticulous sorting process that distinguishes the profiles according to characteristics such as type, color and quality for subsequent processing. Next, oil, dirt and other impurities on the profiles are removed through a pre-treatment step. Once the pre-processing is complete, a specialized crusher is used to break the profile into smaller particles or powder for further processing. The crushed granules are sorted by sieving equipment according to size and quality to ensure quality for subsequent processing. After screening, the PVC plastic granules are cleaned to remove residual contaminants and improve the purity of the recycled material. Finally, the cleaned PVC plastic granules are sent to the reprocessing section, where they are processed through melting, injection molding and other processes to be transformed into high-quality, reusable raw materials, providing a solid foundation for the recycling of PVC plastic steel profiles.

Recycling Advantages

Physical treatment process:
Mechanical recycling treats PVC plastic steel profiles mainly through physical methods, which do not involve chemical reactions and therefore have less impact on the environment. During the recycling process, the discarded PVC plastic steel profiles are converted into reusable raw materials through physical means such as crushing, screening and cleaning.
High Efficiency:
The mechanical recycling process is highly efficient and can quickly process large quantities of waste PVC plastic steel profiles. The use of specialized crushing, screening and cleaning equipment can significantly improve recycling efficiency.
Mechanical recycling methods can be adapted to the recycling needs of different types, colors and qualities of PVC plastic steel profiles. The recycling process and process parameters can be flexibly adjusted according to specific recycled material characteristics and recycling requirements.
Cost Effectiveness:
The cost of mechanical recycling is relatively low and suitable for large-scale application. By recycling discarded PVC plastic steel profiles, the production cost of new materials can be reduced and the economic efficiency of enterprises can be improved.
Resource recycling:
Mechanical recovery realizes the recycling of PVC plastic steel profiles and extends the service life of the material.
The recycled PVC plastic granules can be used again to produce new PVC products, forming a closed-loop production chain and reducing the waste of resources.

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