How to recycle nitrile gloves



are gloves made of synthetic rubber materials, which have excellent physical properties and resistance to chemical erosion. It is mainly made of nitrile rubber mixed with other additives and refined through processing. The characteristics of nitrile gloves include oil resistance, chemical resistance, slip resistance, providing a certain degree of protection, while being sturdy, durable, and with good adhesion.

Why recycle nitrile gloves:

Resource recycling: Nitrile gloves, as a synthetic rubber product, involve multiple chemical raw materials and energy sources in the manufacturing process. Through recycling, the reuse of these resources can be achieved, reducing the consumption of raw materials and energy, and achieving efficient utilization of resources.

Reducing environmental pollution: Nitrile gloves may be contaminated during use. If not recycled and discarded directly into the environment, it may cause pollution to soil and water bodies. Recycling can effectively reduce this pollution and protect the ecological environment.

Technical feasibility and economy: Existing recycling technologies can effectively treat nitrile gloves, including cleaning, crushing, reprocessing, and other processes, converting them into valuable recycled materials. This can not only save raw material procurement costs for enterprises, but also potentially open up new business opportunities and markets, achieving a win-win situation of economic and environmental benefits.

Process flow:

Collection and classification: Firstly, the recycling team will collect discarded nitrile gloves. During the collection process, preliminary classification will be carried out to remove gloves that are severely damaged or cannot be reused, and only those gloves that still have reuse value will be retained.
Crushing treatment: Next, put the screened nitrile gloves into professional crushing equipment. These devices will crush the gloves and cut them into small pieces or granules. The purpose of this step is to facilitate subsequent processing and reuse.
Further processing: The crushed nitrile glove material will undergo further processing. This includes steps such as cleaning, drying, and sieving to remove impurities, moisture, and other unwanted substances, improving the purity and reuse value of the material.
Reuse: The nitrile glove material that has been crushed and processed can be reused to manufacture other products. These products may include rubber products, pipes, floor mats, etc.

Characteristics of nitrile glove crusher;

Efficient crushing capacity: The crusher adopts advanced crushing technology, which can quickly and effectively break waste nitrile gloves into small pieces or particles. Its efficient crushing ability makes the recycling process faster and improves work efficiency.

Uniform crushing effect: The crusher is designed reasonably and has a uniform crushing effect, ensuring that the glove material after crushing has a consistent particle size. This helps to facilitate the smooth progress of subsequent processing steps and improves the quality of recycled materials.

Strong durability: The crusher adopts high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, which have excellent durability. It can operate stably under long-term and high load working conditions, reducing failure rates and maintenance costs.

Easy to operate: The operating interface of this crusher is simple and intuitive, making it easy to operate. Operators can easily complete the crushing task by simply following the instructions or operating guidelines.

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