How to recycle construction waste


Construction Waste

Wood waste: including waste wooden boards, wooden beams, wooden strips, wooden pallets, building templates and so on. The shredder can crush these wood wastes into smaller pieces or particles for subsequent sorting, recycling or reuse.
Plastic Waste: Plastic waste produced in building construction, such as plastic pipes, plastic packaging materials, plastic building materials, etc., can be crushed by shredder. The crushed plastic waste can be used to recycle recycled plastic or as raw material for energy utilization.
Metal waste: including waste steel bars, wire mesh, metal doors and windows, metal pipes and so on. The shredder can effectively crush the metal waste into smaller pieces or flakes, which is convenient for subsequent separation, recycling and reuse.

Recycling process

Classification of waste materials: first of all, classify the construction waste and distinguish the materials suitable for processing by shredder, such as waste wood, plastic, rubber, light metal, etc.
Equipment inspection: check the working condition of the shredder and its auxiliary equipments (such as conveyor belt, iron remover, vibrating screen, etc.) to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
Feeding: put the classified construction waste into the feeding port of shredder evenly and continuously.
Remove large impurities: prevent large impurities from causing damage to the shredder.
Crushing: After the material enters the shredder, it will be crushed for the first time to break the large material into smaller pieces.
Screening: Use vibrating screen and other equipment to screen the crushed materials, and separate the materials with different particle sizes.
Recycling: Recycling the recovered materials, such as wood fragments can be used to make biomass fuel or renewable wood products, metal fragments can be used for smelting or re-processing, plastic fragments can be used for renewable plastic products and so on.

Recycling Sense

Efficient crushing capacity: through its powerful crushing capacity, the shredder is able to quickly crush large materials in construction waste into smaller pieces. This efficient crushing process not only speeds up the processing speed, but also significantly reduces the difficulty of subsequent transportation and disposal.
Wide applicability: The shredder is not only capable of handling hard materials such as concrete blocks and masonry, but can also cope with soft materials such as wood and plastic.
Convenient for subsequent processing: the volume of the construction waste treated by the shredder is greatly reduced, which makes it easy to be transported and stacked.
Energy saving and environmental protection: the crushing process of the shredder is low noise and low energy consumption, which reduces the impact on the environment.

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