How to fast recycle PET PVC PE BOPP laminated plastic film roll using shredder or crusher machine


In the field of plastic film production, as well as the field of plastic film printing, inevitably many plastic roll films with quality defects and defective products are printed. Customers cannot use the remaining printed films with advertisements! These roll films have a common feature in that they are of high quality plastic. The diameter of the roll film is large and long. There are paper cores inside. These paper cores cannot be pulled out manually, and they cannot be recycled by ordinary plastic crushers. , The size is too large to be fed into the crushing chamber; if it is cut manually, it is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and the cost is too high, which will bring a huge burden to the recycling industry that is already marginal! So how do you recycle these high-quality plastic roll films quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively, while separating these paper cores? Is it ok with our common single shaft shredder?
The answer is: No! Because there is a paper core inside the plastic film roll, if it is shredded directly, the paper core will also be shredded into paper scraps. The paper scraps and the shredded thick plastic film scraps are mixed together and hardly separated by hand, which will often block screen changer of the rear plastic pelletizing line. These, delaying the normal production of pelletizing line! So the paper core must be separated in advance!
WANROOE Machinery has developed a cutting machine with a maximum cutting pressure of 160 tons. It can cut the PET PVC PE BOPP Laminated plastic film roll with a maximum diameter of 1600mm in half, so that the worker can easily pull the paper core out! Then shred directly with our Swing type Vertical Drum shredder with a large shred cavity, MAX up to 2500mm, capacity: MAX up to 3000kg per hour! This way we can efficiently and quickly tear these large plastic roll films directly without dispersing!

The specific production process is:


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