How to dispose of metal credit cards


Metal credit card material

The materials of metal credit cards usually include stainless steel, aluminum, and 24K pure gold coating that may be used in some high-end models.Among them, stainless steel is widely used for its excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties.This material is not only beautiful, but also has good corrosion resistance and can demonstrate its inherent surface properties without additional color plating.Aluminum credit cards, on the other hand, have higher plasticity and can be produced in more diverse shapes and designs.

Why recycle metal credit cards

Resource recycling: Metal credit cards are mainly made of stainless steel, aluminum and other metals, which are recyclable resources.Through recycling, we can re-refine these metals and use them to make new products, thereby reducing the demand for primary resources and realizing resource recycling.

Reduce environmental pollution: If metal credit cards are discarded carelessly, they may end up in landfills or incineration plants, causing potential pollution to the environment.The decomposition process of metals in landfills is lengthy and may release harmful substances, and during incineration, metals may produce toxic gases.Recycling metal credit cards can reduce these potential environmental risks.

Metal credit card recycling process

Preliminary crushing: Use professional crushing machinery to preliminary crush the collected metal credit cards.These crushing machines usually have powerful crushing capabilities and can break credit cards into smaller pieces for subsequent processing.

Fine crushing: After initial crushing, the resulting fragments may still be larger and require further crushing.At this time, finer crushing equipment, such as a hammer crusher or shear crusher, can be used to break the fragments into smaller particles.

Screening and separation: The crushed fragments may contain particles of different sizes and components of different materials.Therefore, screening and separation operations are required to separate particles of different sizes and materials.This can be achieved through equipment such as vibrating screens, air flow separators, etc.

Magnetic Separation and Metal Recycling: Since metal credit cards contain metal components, such as stainless steel or aluminum, magnetic separation technology can be used to separate the metal particles from the mixture.The magnetic separator uses the effect of a magnetic field to adsorb and separate metal particles to realize metal recovery.


Recycling equipment


Aluminum plastic plate metal card recycling

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