How to disposal biohazardous medical waste?


Medical waste items are disposed of medical waste items and waste of physics, chemical or biological infectious injuries generated by personnel, animals and environments. It includes the process of proper disinfection, and even completely clearing some contagious medical waste.

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The following procedures should be followed during the disposal of medical waste:
1. Medical staff according to the << Medical Waste Classification >>> Classified medical waste.
2 According to the medical waste category, medical waste should be loaded into a special packaging bag or container, which is in line with the << Medical Waste Dedicated Packaging Container >> Standard and Warning Identification.
3 The medical staff should carefully check the packaging or container carefully to ensure no damage, leakage, and other defects.
4. When all medical waste reaches 3/4 of the package or container, an effective sealing method should be used to seal strictly seal.
5. Each packaging or container surface of medical waste should have Chinese warning signs and logos, including the unit, date, species, etc. of medical waste.
The contagious, pathological, harmful waste loaded into the packaging container shall not be taken out.

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7. Medical waste professional management personnel will be classified, packaged in medical waste from medical waste to hospital temporary storage room; during transportation, the loss and leakage of medical waste should be prevented to prevent medical waste Direct contact with the human body. When the transportation tool ends every day, it should be cleaned in time.
8. The full-time management personnel of medical waste shall weigh the medical waste every day. The registration content includes source, type, weight, delivery period, final destination, operator, etc.
9. The temporary stored medical waste is paid for by the county health bureau. The dedicated personnel designated by the County Environmental Protection Administration shall be disposed and stored in the waste, and they must not exceed two days and fill in the dangerous waste transfer replication table.
10. After the transfer of medical waste, full-time personnel clean and disinfecting temporary storage places and facilities in time, and is recorded.
XI. no conditions, rural medical institutions, can be incinerated after 1:50 84 disinfectant for 6 hours.

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