How to deal with waste wood veneer from the renovation process



Wooden laminates are made of multiple layers of thin wood panels vertically laminated together, with high stability, strength and aesthetics. It is widely used in furniture manufacturing, building decoration, packaging production and other fields.

Generation of waste materials

Cutting waste: When cutting wood into thin boards of a certain thickness, some edges and non-compliant wood fragments will be produced.
Manufacturing wastage: In the production process of wood-based laminates, including drying, gluing, hot pressing and other steps, some non-compliant boards may be produced due to material characteristics and process requirements.
Edge Waste: After the wood laminates are molded, they need to be trimmed, and this process will produce some edge waste.

Recycling Process

Initial categorization of scrap is based on material, size, quality and other factors.
Use cleaning equipment to remove paint, glue, nails and other impurities in the waste to ensure the purity of the waste.
Use professional crushing and cutting equipment to process the waste materials to achieve the size and shape required for recycling.
According to the specific recycling requirements, different crushing and cutting methods can be selected, such as coarse crushing, fine crushing, cutting to fixed size, etc.
According to the quality of the waste materials and the results of processing, secondary utilization is considered, such as the production of furniture and decorative items.
For wastes that cannot be directly reused, other reuse methods can be further explored, such as biomass energy or waste incineration for power generation.

Recycling value

Wood plywood recycling can significantly reduce the demand for new wood. Recycled wood plywood can be processed into new wood panels or used to make other wood products such as plywood, wood doors, tables and chairs through appropriate treatments such as crushing, particle board or fiberboard and other recycled product processes.
Recycling also reduces deforestation of natural forests, protects forest ecosystems and slows down ecological degradation.

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Wood veneer recycling

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