3 steps to choose the most suitable plastic crusher


What is plastic crusher machine and why do we need it?

As you know, in the plastic recycling process, you always need to get the small pieces/particles of plastic first and then go for the further steps like washing, drying, decontaminating, pelleting, etc. Plastic crusher machine is the kind of machine that can crush the waste plastic materials ( like PET bottles, PP films, HDPE containers, 3D printing parts, HDPE pipes, etc.) and shred them into small pieces. So plastic crushing machine is an important part of the plastic recycling process.

Someone might wonder, since the plastic crushing machine is mainly for recycling, it might not be useful in our daily life. Is the plastic crushing machine only can be used in recycling plants and it has nothing to do with our daily life? The answer is no absolutely. In our daily life, we also want to make plastic smaller sometimes. For example, if you own a convenience store, you will get a lot of empty PET bottles per day. But the hollow plastic bottles take up a lot of space for storage. How do you solve the problem when the space is not much? Sure that you can go for the plastic crushing machine. It will save you a lot of space after they have been crushed.



How does Plastic Crusher Work?

Plastic crushing is a crushing machine to crush plastic materials. When the injection molding machine or plastic granulator is producing raw materials, the defective products and sprue materials are put into the machine-side plastic crusher in time, after crushing, washing and drying, the raw materials are mixed, and molded to produce new products.

The plastic crushing machine drives the moving knife cutter head to rotate at a high speed through the motor. During the high-speed rotation of the moving knife, the relative movement tendency with the fixed knife uses the gap formed between the movable knife and the fixed knife to cause the plastic crushing and shearing incision to increase the size. The block of plastic is crushed, and the crushed plastic is filtered through a screen to filter the size of the plastic particles.


3 steps to choose the most suitable plastic crusher

How to find the most suitable plastic crusher machine?

Plastic crushing machines have various sizes. You can always find the perfect one among all the models of plastic crusher machines as long as you have clear answers to the questions below.

– What about the maximum size of your plastic material before crushing? The size of your material determines the feed opening of the machine. Otherwise, you might not feed your plastic material into the plastic crushing machine.

– What about your requirement for the output? The output you expect determines the motor power, chamber size, blade quantity, etc. of the machine.

– What about your requirement on the size of the end product? The size of the end products is normally controlled by the screen size of the plastic crushing machine. It determines the specific screen size of the machine you need.

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