How to choose plastic crusher blade?


How to choose plastic crusher blade?
The choice of plastic crusher blade material is like building a foundation of the house. If the foundation is firm, the house will naturally be more reliable. Similarly, if the tool material of the shredder is selected, the material’s processing will be more convenient, thereby greatly improving the unit production and efficiency, providing more guarantees for the energy efficiency of the resource reuse industry.

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The plastic crusher machine blade has a hook, which shows that the wood granulator blade is wear, not polished. The wood crusher machine blade cannot be ground, and the wood crusher machine blade is easy to shoot. The more the crusher machine blade, the more it does not tear the film, the sheets, the cover, clothes, sacks, woven bags and other fiber materials, the fiber raw materials will be wrapped around the broken wood blade during the shredding process, caught the Broken wood blade, is a broken wood machine device that cannot work properly. The plastic crusher knife is divided into 3 hooks, 8 hooks, 12 hooks, common is these kinds. The more the crusher machine blade, the greater the raw materials of the crusher knife, the higher the hardness.

Crusher machine blade production principle:
The plastic crusher is composed of a fixed knife, a granulation hob, generally a granulating knife with a fixed knife, a granulating blade is a rolling blade of a cylindrical oblique wire spiral knife, divided into full steel roll Two kinds of knives and arrangement steel roller, the manufacturing process is complex; the knife is designed with a flat knife, and the processing is relatively simple. Most PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS, AS, and HIPS, etc. are suitable for the granulation of most plastic particles. Heat treatment hardness HRC58-62 degrees, technical requirements: impact, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance.
The plastic crusher knife is a mechanical blade mounted on a plastic granulator for plastic crusher machine blade particles. The plastic crusher knife is a line-shaped plastic that continuously rolls the shear plastic extruder extruded to achieve the purpose of granulation, and the plastic particles produced by the granulator blade are uniform, and it is a must-have knife for plastic particles.

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