How to buy the right crusher granulator blade?


As you know, the granulator blade is the core component of the granulator crusher machine, it can be said that without the blade crusher machine will not work, but the blade in the crusher is also a wearing part, its replacement purchase for the user is the need to focus on, if you buy the blade quality is not high or not coordinated with the work of the equipment, then it will largely affect the production of the crusher. Wanrooe machinery summary of the crusher granulator blade How to buy. The selection of crusher granulator blades should be based on the host speed, feed speed, feeding speed and screen aperture of these points to choose.

Plastic crusher granulator blade video:

1, the host speed
General hammer crusher its spindle speed may be a fixed value, usually will not adjust it, generally can reach more than 6000rpm. Because of the high-speed rotation, this bearing usually needs to prepare appropriate spare parts.

2, Feeding speed
Feeding speed will have a certain impact on the size of the crushed, for good crushed materials, or particle size control is not too strict material, the feed rate may not be too obvious. But for some difficult to crush materials, you need to strictly control the feed speed, if the feed speed is too fast, there may be crushed particle size that can not meet the requirements, such as the control of particle size d0.9 <15μm or so.

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3, the speed of feeding
Domestic crusher blade design may be design flaws, because the crusher will be opened to produce suction, even if the feed rate is open very slowly, the equipment can quickly suck the material directly into the crushing chamber, resulting in poor crushing effect. At this point, we will need to artificially control the speed of feeding to improve the crushing effect.

4, screen aperture
The role of the screen is to filter out the particle size that has reached the required material, leaving the coarse material to continue to crush until the crushing is complete. Through the role of the screen from this introduction, we can know that the aperture of the screen will have a great impact on our crushing effect.

When you are considering purchasing a crusher blade and need to make a choice, you need to first determine the answers to the following questions.

1, What kind of material do I want to crush? Soft or hard, thick or thin, tough or brittle? It is better to have photos and physical objects to provide to the crusher manufacturer.
2, What is the size of the material to be crushed? Is the material in a loose or compacted state?
3, How big is the material to be crushed? Is uniformity of granularity important?
4, How many hours per day does the crusher need to work? Is the feeding intermittent or continuous?
5, Is the value of the crusher also a consideration?
Once you have answered these questions, our crushing and recycling engineers, experienced in material refinement, can help you determine the right crusher granulator blade for your application.

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