How should the twin screw granulator temperature should be solved?


Twin-screw granulators are widely used in many factory workshops, so why do these factories go for it? Choose it naturally because it has certain characteristics that make it popular, such as the screw equipment is suitable for strong, can ensure that the host is running smoothly and reliably, the load-bearing capacity is relatively large, and excellent self-cleaning function and other advantages. If you find that the machine has heat in the process of use, then you should also learn to solve it. Small in the article around these two points to give you a detailed introduction, take a look at it!

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The reasons for choosing a twin-screw granulator.
1. screw equipment applicability
Twin-screw granulator screw using the building block principle of planning and production, based on the processing of material systems and process formulations require its length-to-diameter ratio and twin-screw granulator barrel structure, screw arrangement, change network structure, the number and location of exhaust, filling methods, electrical control methods, etc.

2. can ensure smooth operation of the host reliability
Twin-screw pelletizer new reducer distribution transmission system, the use of high-torque planning and high-precision gear processing, the use of imported bearing parts, reasonable immersion oil lubrication combined with the key parts of the mandatory lubrication equipment, and chain protection equipment to ensure reliable and stable operation of the host.

 3. Carrying capacity is relatively large
Twin-screw granulators make full use of the limited space, planning a new type of involute form of structure of the core shaft, to ensure the load-bearing capacity, to complete the high torque transmission.

4. Excellent self-cleaning function
The twin-screw pelletizer uses computer-aided planning of the threaded components for the engagement of conjugate type. With excellent self-cleaning function, outstanding interchangeability, twin-screw pelletizer whose standards have transport blocks, mixing blocks, kneading blocks, counter-flow blocks and tooth discs, etc., through the appropriate and reasonable combination, twin-screw pelletizer to complete the material delivery, plasticization, shear, dispersion, homogenization, exhaust, build pressure, etc., to complete the process of polymer materials.

Twin-screw granulator temperature is too high for analysis and solution.
1. causes.
(1) climate or twin-screw granulator operating environment temperature is high, resulting in the machine’s oil temperature rise.
(2) twin-screw granulator oil tank volume is too small, the cooling area is not, cooling equipment but its capacity is too small.
(3) according to the feed rate to select the oil pump capacity of the quantitative pump oil supply system, the twin-screw granulator in operation will have most of the remaining flow in high pressure from the relief valve overflow back and heat.
(4) twin-screw granulator operating space is too small, or the use of wear and tear leads to too large a space, internal and external leakage, resulting in volume loss, so that the volume power of the pump decreases, resulting in a rapid rise in temperature.

2. Treatment methods.
(1) according to the different load requirements, regular inspection, adjust the pressure of the twin-screw granulator relief valve, so that it is appropriate.
(2) a reasonable choice of twin-screw pelletizer hydraulic oil, especially the oil viscosity, in the case of conditions permitting, try to use a lower viscosity to reduce viscosity offset loss.
(3) improve the smooth conditions of the moving parts to reduce the loss of energy against, so as to help reduce the operating load of the twin-screw pelletizer, reduce heat, if necessary, can also be equipped with an additional cooling device.

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