How does a shredder machine work


WANROOETECH shredder is mainly composed of conveyor feeding, shredding, conveying finished products, and automatic control system. The multi-functional dual-shaft shredder has a complete range of models, which can be used for recycling scrap metal, kitchen waste, construction waste, domestic waste treatment, etc.
The following is the working principle of the double shaft shredder for various crushed materials:
E-waste, waste plastic, waste metal treatment: Shredders also have a good shredding effect on e-waste. For example, China’s e-waste treatment mainly depends on dismantling and reprocessing in workshops, which is extremely inefficient and cannot be fully utilized Recyclable resources, but the shredder can decompose these materials well, make the shredded materials better recycle as resources, change the traditional linear economic flow pattern of “resource product waste”, and form “waste product regeneration” The resource-based material closed-loop flow-type growth model reintegrates the waste generated during the production and life of people into the recycling process of human production and life, and converts it into useful material products. This is the development model of circular economy.
Medical waste treatment: After the medical waste is subjected to high-temperature cooking, sterilization and inactivation treatment, it enters the shredder to completely shred and destroy the material, and reduces the volume to a large extent, reducing landfill and transportation costs. Due to the high temperature and humidity of medical waste, it contains a large number of alloy materials, such as steel needles, scalpels, prosthetic limbs, etc., and has strict requirements on the reliability of the shredder.
The double shaft shredder changes the traditional “resource product waste” linear economic flow pattern, forming a “closed-loop, material-recycling resource” growth model of materials, and reintegrates waste generated during the production and living process into human production. , The recycling process of life, and transformed into useful material products. This is the development model of circular economy.


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