High-speed powder plastic mixer maintenance steps


High-speed powder plastic mixer maintenance is a discipline, especially in the cold winter, with the lowering of the temperature, most areas have appeared in the sub-zero temperature, if the equipment is not regularly checked, it is easy to have problems delaying the production schedule.

High speed PVC powder plastic mixer machine maintenance steps are mainly the following.

① Before the Spring Festival holiday, it is recommended that the internal barrel of the high-speed plastic mixer, pot cover, tee, paddle these parts for a comprehensive cleanup, especially the paddle and tee part, you can take down to clean up, not clean up easy to accumulate material for a long time, and after too much accumulation and then clean up will become exceptionally difficult.

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② high-speed powder plastic mixer is not used for a long time, especially near the Chinese New Year holiday period, most companies have to start work in the first eight, the middle of the equipment is stopped for several days, it is recommended that the inner wall and mixing paddle part evenly coated with mechanical oil protection, the spindle bearing part also need to add high-temperature grease to protect the mixer maintenance.

③ electrical control cabinet to regularly clean up, due to the blender production environment being prone to produce more dust, the need to promptly clean up the electrical components on the dust, affecting the normal suction of the contactor contacts, easy to generate sparks, there will be hot or even burned contacts may be;

④ check the work of the heating plate and high-speed powder mixer paddle wear, in winter, due to the lower outside temperature, and most plastic powder mixing are required to reach a certain temperature, such as paddle wear after the transition, will greatly affect the speed of the product temperature, but also the temperature conditions lead to production stoppage.
Mixer maintenance electrical parts

⑤ winter low temperature, high-speed powder mixer on the seals, such as seals, discharge seals, oil seals, etc., will have a certain degree of impact, after long-term use, such as the discovery of mixing machine leakage of powder and other abnormalities, the need for timely replacement.

To sum up the above points, in order to avoid sudden abnormalities affecting the production of equipment, the factory should regularly check the equipment, part of the wearing parts can be more than one set of spare parts, just in case.

Which industry areas of high-speed plastic mixers?
Key equipment in the field of high-speed plastic mixer plastic processing, with the development of my country’s plastic processing industry, adapting to the need for the plastic molding process, the mixer has a new development, the mixer speed is greatly improved, the low-speed mixer is gradually being high-speed mixer replace. So, can the high-speed mixer can be applied to which industry areas? The main mixer of the plastic high-speed mixer is mixed with the desired material components to achieve dynamic balance to meet the predetermined uniformity requirements. The high-speed mixer is one of the plastic machinery, which is an indispensable pre-treatment device that is indispensable during processing into various plastic products. Only a few synthetic resins can be used alone in plastic product production, and most of the synthetic resins need to be mixed with other auxiliary agents that can be used for molding. The resins and the auxiliaries of each component are mixed together, and the operation of the uniform system (such as powder, pellets, etc.) is referred to as a formulation of materials, referred to as ingredients.

The high-speed plastic mixer is suitable for mixing, coloring, polyethylene, polypropylene pellets of polyvinyl chloride ingredients, and mixing of resins such as dry, phenolic resin, and other resins such as polyvinyl chloride bubble. In addition, it is also available for ingredients in the fields of rubber, food, pharmaceutical, dye and other industries. It has the advantages of mixing fast, uniform mixture, uniform mixture, resin to the plasticizer, easy to clean, durable, compact, compact, and is widely used in various plastics industries.

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