High Speed Plastic Mixer Machine Types


The important relationship between plastic raw materials and plastics processing: the core issue in the plastics processing industry is how to ensure the production of high quality plastic products that are closely related to human life and production in an efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly program.


1. The function of the high speed plastic mixer: is to mix the material components to be mixed, so that the kinetic balance is achieved, to achieve the specified uniformity requirements. High-speed plastic mixer is a kind of plastic machinery, that is some plastic raw materials in the process of processing into a variety of plastic products indispensable pretreatment equipment. In the production of plastic products only a few synthetic resins can be used alone, most synthetic resins need to be used with their powder, granules, etc.) the operation process is called the preparation of materials, referred to as ingredients. Prepared materials into the equipment mix, the equipment is called plastic mixer (hereinafter referred to as mixer).

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2. The use of the high speed plastic mixer: for the mixing of polyvinyl chloride ingredients, coloring, polyethylene, polypropylene granules coloring and drying and some other hygroscopic Drying of other hygroscopic resins, phenolic and other resin ingredients mixing. In addition, it can also be used in rubber, food, pharmaceutical, dye and other industries It can also be used as batching and mixing equipment in rubber, food, pharmaceutical, dyeing and other industries. With fast mixing, uniform mixture, good absorption of resin to plasticizer, easy to operate, easy to clean, sturdy and durable structure. The machine is easy to operate, easy to clean, durable, compact structure and other advantages, widely used in the production of various plastic industries.


3. Classification of high speed plastic mixer

3.1 According to the principle of mixing action
3.1.1 Heating and mixing type: the use of external heating and frictional heat generated by the material in the mixing process.
3.1.2 non-heating mixing type: the use of materials in the mixing process generated by the heat of friction.
3.1.3 Cooling mixing type: vertical, horizontal.


3.2 According to the rotation speed of the mixing paddle

3.2.1 high-speed plastic mixer: high speed, high efficiency, in the mixing process of plastic raw materials and heat stabilizers, lubricants, plasticizers, colorants and other additives placed in the mixing pot by high-speed mixing and stirring to a certain temperature, so that each added component and the resin of the question fully mixed, penetration and absorption. In fact, the mixing process is not only a physical process but also a complex chemical process, in the company’s mixing machine studio, high-speed rotation of the impeller with the help of the surface and material grinding Cailey and the side of the material thrust, so that the material along the impeller tangential movement.


3.2.2 low-speed mixer: stirring paddle rotation speed is low, low efficiency, with the development of the plastics processing industry, to meet the needs of the plastic molding process, the mixer has a new development, the stirring paddle speed increased significantly (generally 400-2000r / min) in addition to the special needs, has rarely been used, low-speed mixer gradually replaced by high-speed plastic mixer.


In the formulation of resin and filler indispensable mixing process, this mixture is mostly powdered solids and part of the physical mixture between liquid materials, are completed below the melting temperature of the resin, the nature of the components of the mixture after homogeneity is basically no change in the mixing of the purpose is to make more than two components mixed with each other to obtain a uniform system of mixtures. Mixing equipment will affect the degree of uniformity of the mixture, directly related to the quality of the product, the quality of whether to meet the required standards is the life of the enterprise, is the top priority.

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