Heavy Duty Scrap Plastic Granulator Crusher Machine

Heavy Duty Scrap Plastic Granulator Crusher Machine is suit for Central reclamation of Solid materials,thick bulky parts,hevy wall fittings, thick plugins, blocks, rods,high impact applications,haystack film, baled fiber,thick Sheet, cast blocks,engineering plastics and tire redaim.100-300HP Throat Sizes from 850X1000mm to 800-2000mm.

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Application area:
Heavy Duty Scrap Plastic Granulator Crusher Machine is suited for the Central reclamation of Solid materials, thick bulky parts, heavy wall fittings, thick plugins, blocks, rods, high impact applications, haystack film, baled fiber, thick Sheet, cast blocks, engineering plastics and tire redaim.100-300HP Throat Sizes from 850X1000mm to 800-2000mm.

Heavy Duty Scrap Plastic Granulator Crusher Machine Application Area

PNGM Series Heavy Duty Plastic Granulators with power ratings of 55kw to 315kw are designed for high throughput processing. With a variety of rotor configurations available, these granulators have a wide range of applications including; hollow and voluminous materials (i.e. plastic drums, crates and chairs), flexible materials such as films, woven bags and rubber, tougher materials such as profiles, thick sheets, and other general plastics.


Working Principle:
At the core of our plastic granulator machine is an open rotor mounted with heavy-duty knives in either a double-scissor cut or v-shape array based on your requirements. As the rotor is spun at high speeds, the rotor knives come in contact with stationary knives that are mounted within the cutting chamber. The material is continuously cut until they are small enough to pass through a screen filter.

Generally speaking, our filter screens are between 10mm to 100mm but can be customized according to your requirements.

Our standard plastic granulator houses 12 rotor and 3 stationary knives. All knives use only ultra durable D2 (equivalent to SDK11) high-carbon, high-chromium steel which ensures the longest usage times before requiring sharpening. All knives are easily adjustable with hydraulic assisted access to the cutting chamber.


Heavy Duty Scrap Plastic Granulator Crusher Machine Components:

Hydraulic Connector heavy duty crusher rotor
Hydraulic Connector
Oil link device is installed for each machine to keep the orderliness and smooth of oil pipes.
Special“L” design rotor help the machine achieve the excellent grinding result saving the energy and reducing the noise.
heavy duty crusher screen Motor Overload Protector
Special material assures the long-life abrasion resistance of the screen.Well-proportioned high rate holes much improve the machine output.
Motor Overload Protector
Equipped with electrical current relay, motor overload protector and other multiple safety devices.
Hydraulic Cylinder Metal Detector
Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic device makes opening the chamber and screen much easier.
Metal Detector(Optional)
Metal detector can be combined with belt conveyor, and can interlock with control system, to warn and stop the system, in case that metal is found in feeding.
Hydraulic Equipment Cutting Chamber
Hydraulic Equipment
The hydraulic equipment can control the hydraulic cover opening of the crusher room, which makes the inspection and maintenance of the crusher room and the replacement of tools more convenient and fast.
Cutting Chamber
lts’ easy to open the full chamber, Loosen the nut, the chamber can be open within short time.
Screen Locked Device Shock Absorber Foot
Screen Locked Device
Simply design help convenient operation and reduce much time to replace the screen.
Shock Absorber Foot
Foot with shock absorber to reduce vibration and eliminate noise.


Heavy Duty Granulator Crusher Machine Features:

Strong welded construction from heavy gauge steel plate.
Inclined, split cutting chamber design.
Oversized, outboard spherical rotor bearings – prevents bearing damage due to product migration.
Precision machined rotors (Forward set V-Rotor as standard).
Manual, electric and hydraulic chamber opening mechanisms – quick access to the cutting chamber for maintenance and machine clean downs.
Replaceable wear plates at either end of the rotor shaft.
Stand Alone Electrical Control Panel – using quality Schneider components and Siemens PLC’s.
Tested, Approved and Certified to the applicable CE safety standards.

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Model Rotary blades(pcs) Fixed blades(pcs) Grinder Chamber Size(mm) Power(kw)
PNGM-35/60 2×2 3×2 600×360 22-30
PNGM-42/08 2×2 3×2 800×420 30-45
PNGM-42/10 2×2 3×2 1000×420 37-55
PNGM-63/10 2×2 5×2 1000×630 55-110
PNGM-63/12 2×2 5×2 1200×630 75-132
PNGM-70/10 2×2 7×2 1000×700 75-132
PNGM-70/12 2×2 7×2 1000×700 90-160


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