Hard PVC Recycling Plant For Door And Window Bottle Pipe Profile Sheet


What are Hard PVC products?
PVC plastic products are divided into soft products and hard products. Soft products mainly include films, cable jackets, plastic shoes and leather products; hard products mainly include doors and windows, bottles, pipes, profiles, sheets. Hard PVC accounts for approximately 2/3 of the market. Hard PVC does not contain softeners, so flexibility, easy to form, not crisp, preservation time long, there is a large development of application value. The essence of PVC is a vacuum plastic film, used for surface packaging of all types of panels, so it is also known as decorative membranes, adhesive membranes, and many industries such as building materials, packaging, medicine. Among them, the specific weight of the building materials industry is 60%, followed by the packaging industry, and there are other small applications.

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Why recycling Hard PVC products?
During the extrusion of the PVC profile, there will be a large number of waste due to various reasons such as quality commissioning, fault, normal parking, etc.); at the same time, a large number of corner waste will also produce a large number of corner waste during the production of doors and windows. If this waste is not recycled, it will affect the economic benefits of the company; if the recovery is improper, the quality of the profile will be affected. Therefore, PVC waste recycling is an important job that cannot be ignored. PVC waste produced by different extrusion processes, not only varies greatly to the performance and use performance but also produces different degrees of color difference, therefore, the classification and recycling of PVC waste are particularly important.
The classification of the traditional PVC waste is very complicated, or the waste of the same PVC profile is classified, then recovered multiple times, the recovery process is complex, and the PVC waste is also different from the PVC waste of nature, and the recovery efficiency is low, or directly produces PVC waste throws away, causing a lot of waste and environmental pollution.

Hard PVC recycling process:

Hard PVC pipe profile shredder crusher pulverizer

Hard PVC pipe profile shredder crusher pulverizer line

How to recycle hard PVC?
The waste PVC products are recycling by PVC recycling machine, mainly by shredder, crusher, pulverizer, pelletizer, PVC pipe profile production line, etc., ultimately to obtain powder, particles or other forms of regeneration. This regeneration can be used to produce heavy-packing bags, agricultural pipes and soles.
The PVC bottle in the hard product is also a very large amount of use, and the waste can be processed into profiles, tubing and folding plates. In the plastic processing plant, the PVC fragment was cleaned, and the cap and label were dried, then pulverized into small pieces of less than 0.5 mm. Using new PVC and recovery PVC co-extrusion, the results show that the recovery PVC has stored the excellent performance of new materials, and can be applied at a low-performance requirement.
For physical recycling, the mass and pollution level of PVC recovery, the composition of the selected material has a large relationship. The quality of the recovery determines the extent to which the original material can be replaced: “high quality” recovery can be reused in the same type of PVC, but “low quality” recovery from the mixed waste can only be “Low-level recovery” is usually made in products that are often made of other materials.
Of course, the quality of the ultimate product is not separated from the recycling equipment itself. At present, the equipment and processes of recycling PVC waste have reached a high level. Among them, the contaminant content is less than 1%, and the obtained PVC secondary disinfect can be processed into many products in various ways. The Poly Chlorine Association of Plastic Industry Association has also vigorously encouraged recycling of PVC to start recycling from other PVC products from the recovery of PVC bottles.

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