Fruit Vegetable Garbage Shredder Organic Waste Shredder


Fruit Vegetable Garbage Shredder Organic Waste Shredder Description:
Fruit vegetable garbage shredder organic waste shredder is generally by breaking, squeezing, and putting it into a microbial fermentation. The fruit and vegetable waste is made into fertilizers, and the fruit and vegetable garbage is realized. Kowloon Machinery combines the characteristics of fruit and vegetable waste treatment equipment at home and abroad, and introduces fruits and vegetable waste shredders, which use tools to cut, tear, and extruded working principles for each. The crushing of solid waste has a good crushing effect on hard and hard materials.

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Fruit Vegetable Garbage Shredder Organic Waste Shredder Product advantages:
1. multiple configurations, diverse combinations
The kitchen waste shredder can be configured in thick, medium, fine different types of crushing equipment according to the user’s needs, while equipped with delivery and magnetic options, can be united with other equipment, and the working mode can be selected.
2. machining technology, high-quality parts
The core crushing equipment mechanical strength and processing accuracy, extending equipment life; the blade is imported high alloy steel, treated by a special process, ensuring the wear resistance and impact of the blade; bearings, motors, reducer, electronic components All are well-known brands, ensuring the overall quality of the equipment.
3. bearing four seals, effective waterproof and dustproof
The bearing bit has a four-sealing, which is an effective barrier for materials with high water content and high dust. Avoid dust, liquid into the bearing.
4. the blade is arranged according to the spiral, realizing effective cutting
For different material requirements, different knife rollers can be used to correctly select the knife roller, which can greatly improve the design performance and productivity.
5. import alloy blade, strong impact, broken metal blade
Imported alloy blade, strong impact resistance, the broken metal blade is constantly fractured. After the blade is wear, the European advanced blade heat repair, compound technology is used, and the blade has repeatedly used, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the blade, effectively reducing the failure time of the equipment and maintenance time, reducing maintenance and operating costs, and greatly improving the production line. Operation efficiency.
6. the inner hole and the main shaft surface are six-part design to achieve the uniformity of the blade force
The spindle of the shredder is designed with a six-part design. The knife axis is overall, with good wear resistance and anti-torque, and the cutter is not easily deformable, which can be used for a long time.

Fruit Vegetable Garbage Shredder Organic Waste Shredder

Fruit Vegetable Garbage Shredder Organic Waste Shredder use and maintenance:
Frist. Before the kitchen waste shredder, strictly check whether the machines are installed in accordance with the requirements, whether the screw bolts are loose, and the hand can be tied to the lens, whether there is housing. At the same time, check the direction of rotation, it is strictly forbidden to crush flammable, explosive items to avoid accidents.
Second, the production should be uniformly charged in the production of kitchen waste shredding machines to ensure the quality of crushing and normal production, and the motor is overloaded to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
Third, the kitchen waste shredder is often paid to check the wear of the wear parts, while the wear serious should be replaced, so as not to damage the main components, and take fire prevention measures.
Fourth, the kitchen waste tear machine is high in speed, in addition to the correct installation, and should maintain good lubrication to keep the machine’s normal operation. In general, the bearing temperature does not exceed 70 degrees. Host bearings plus butter, diulfonated molybdenum, Dingwang reminds high-speed butter effect better.

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