Food Waste Shredder Harmless Food Waste Treatment


Why do we need to recycle food waste?

Food waste is the residual waste from people’s meals and waste components from the cooking process (such as leaves and vegetable peelings), mainly from restaurants, households, and canteens of enterprises and institutions. The main components are rice, pasta, meat and bones, vegetables and fats. Its chemical composition is protein, fat, carbohydrates, volatile fatty acids, inorganic salts, trace elements and water, etc. Food waste has the characteristics of high production volume, high water content and high organic content. Therefore, the resource utilization of food waste is gaining more and more attention and has a good prospect.

Food Waste Shredder Harmless Food Waste Treatment

What is food waste shredder?

The food waste twin shaft shredder can crush and recycle the leftover food, leaves and vegetables inside the vegetable market garbage into biogas, lactic acid and feed after fermentation, which turns into renewable energy and provides a better environmental protection strategy for sustainable development. Food waste twin shaft shredder is the key equipment for the harmless treatment of kitchen and vegetable market food waste.

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Food Waste Shredder Working principle

The structure of the double-shaft food waste shredder consists of a rolling shaft and specially designed blades. The blade mechanism generates strong shearing and tearing force when working, shredding all kinds of soft and hard garbage. In case of hard objects that cannot be shredded, the knife shaft will automatically reverse and alarm to facilitate the operator to take out the hard objects. Even if the waste contains large and soft materials such as plastic film, cardboard and tablecloths, the shredder can easily shred such materials. For wet and sticky food waste, the shredder of Gangli Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has good self-cleaning property.

It has the features of low speed, high torque and high efficiency, and the structure is reasonable and simple, so it can work normally under an extremely harsh environment. The moving knife adopts high carbon alloy 42CrMo material, the prop can realize high adaptation and long life. The main electrical use of Germany’s well-known flat shoot Schneider and Siemens, for the circuit control to improve security. The machine adopts circuit detection protection, putting the card machine and electrical damage. Realize the stable operation of the whole machine. The machine adopts a combination of parts assembly, and the replacement of vulnerable parts is flexible and convenient. Shredding is conducive to the fermentation of food waste, reuse, into biogas, lactic acid, feed, etc.

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