EPS Cold Compactor EPS Styrofoam Compactor


Why do we need EPS cold compactor for EPS foam recycling?

Most polystyrene products are currently not recycled due to the lack of incentive to invest in the compactors and logistical systems required. Due to the low density of polystyrene foam, it is not economical to collect. However, if the waste material goes through an initial compaction process, the material changes density from typically 30 kg/m3 to 330 kg/m3 and becomes a recyclable commodity of high value for producers of recycled plastic pellets.


Wanrooetech is just making the EPS cold compactor to solve this problem. It can reduce the size of the EPS material, the compressing ratio can reach1:30-1:50. The finished product is the EPS blocks, and the density can reach 350kg/ m3. It is easy for the customer to deliver the EPS material to another recycling processing unit.


EPS compactor is mainly used for waste disposal, including paper, EPS (polystyrene foam), EPE PUR EVA and so on. The material through the mill is ground into a block compaction process.

Through numerous experiments on the and continuous improvement, to create a superior performance. EPS Styrofoam compactor is a controlled unit based on PLC automatic control system and a peripheral circuit performance is extremely reliable.

EPS Styrofoam Compactor EPS Cold Compactor application

Working Principle:

EPS cold compactor First with the crusher and the screen on this compactor to get the small size of the material, then after the material falls down into the screw, the main motor pushes the material forward in the screw, meanwhile the hydraulic system on the mould head close to press the EPS material, the EPS material will come out by blocks, it can reduce 30-50 times space for the material, and easy to move an delivery. All the parts of the machine we composed into one machine, saving cost, power consumption, and space for the machine. The EPS blocks can be crushed again to process to the next unit.


EPS cold compactor which capacity is 150kg/h from Wanrooetech, with the four sets of 2.2kw crusher motor and 11kw screw motor. The EPS compactor is suitable for big supermarkets, and big seafood markets, it is also fit for the big-size EPS waste recycling companies to compact the waste material. The customer will get the EPS blocks in the 380mm x 380mm size.

EPS Styrofoam Compactor EPS Cold Compactor

EPS Cold Compactor Features:

Green and environmentally friendly: EPS cold compactor is non-toxic, odorless and fully meets the environmental protection requirements of modern industry.

Cold-pressed operation: This equipment adopts the cold-pressed working principle and does not require heating treatment of EPS foam, refrigerator lining, PU foam cotton and other materials.

High compression ratio: EPS cold compactor has excellent compression performance and its large compression ratio can significantly reduce the volume of materials. Through compaction, the capacity of materials such as EPS foam can be reduced by 50 times, and foam capacity can be reduced by 8 times, greatly saving storage space.

Cost savings: Since the volume of compacted EPS materials is significantly reduced, transportation and storage costs can be significantly saved.

The material can be reused: the physical properties of the material compacted by the EPS cold compactor remain basically unchanged, so it is easy to reuse.

High production efficiency: The large EPS cold compactor can run synchronously with the conveyor belt to achieve automated production.


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