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What is electronic waste

Electronic scrap (also named e-waste, e-scrap, waste electronic equipment) mainly includes discarded household appliances like refrigerator, TV, computer, washing machine, microwave oven, air conditioner, printer, fax machine, cellphone, circuit board, hard discs, CD, etc. With the rapid development of electronic industry and information technology and electronic products’ fast replacement, the problem of electronic waste has become one of the stringent problems which need to be resolved effectively and correctly. E-scrap recycling makes great sense. E-waste recycling machines like E-waste shredder are good to help in the whole recycling process.

The benefits of recycling electronic waste

E-scrap not only contains hazardous and toxic chemical elements but also contains many valuable metals. It has considerable benefits to recycle e-waste, for example, protect the environment; reduce the demand for new products and new raw material; recycling cost usually is lower than the exploitation of natural resources. Circuit boards from the electronic appliances contain many valuable elements, such as gold, silver, platinum, copper, iron, aluminum, etc. Among these metals, copper takes up the most proportion of the metals. There are statistics indicating that each ton of waste circuit board gold content is up to around 1000g and 300g, which can be extracted with high technology of recycling.

Equipment for recycling electronic waste

Recycling of electronic waste normally includes disassembling, shredding/crushing, sorting of different materials, and disposal of toxic parts. Shredding is a critical process for electronic waste recycling, as the main body of the electronic appliances usually is made of hard plastic, and the hard plastic needs to be shredded/crushed as the first step before it can be further processed to turn into plastic granules. E-waste shredder machines are powerful enough to shred all hard plastic shells generated from the electronic appliances. In addition, circuit boards in some recycling plants are also shredded into smaller scraps for easier extraction of the valuable elements.

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