Double Stage Plastic Pelletizing Recycling Machine Installation And Use Attention


WANROOETECH Double stage pelletizing line is especially good for the raw material which contains high moisture, high impurities.
The first stage extruder adopts exhaust type barrel screw, which can effectively de-gassing and eliminate the moisture and contamination;
And the second extruder usually adopts small L/D extruder, further plasticizing the material and filter contamination which can achieve stable extrusion.

First part
1. before Double Stage Plastic Pelletizing Recycling Machine starting, the first heating about four or five minutes. The temperature rose to pull the motor by the motor belt to ease; according to the normal working rotation of continuous pull eight to ten times. And then continue to heat up for about ten minutes, and then boot, but to continue to heat, because the normal production needs to continue to add heat; according to different nature of the plastic to adjust the different temperatures.
2. double stage recycling machine normal work, the machine temperature to maintain stability, do not fluctuate. Near the vent hole, until the nose part of the temperature to keep about 200 ℃ (referring to the material, ethanol).
3. into the material to be uniform, and add enough. Machine feed speed and feed speed to be appropriate. Otherwise, it will affect the quality and yield of particles.
4. shutdown, the host to completely cut off the power. The head of the wire plug (with the wrench part) must be taken off. Until the next time before use alone warm up.

Second part
1. double stage recycling machine to run forward; to avoid reverse.
2. double stage recycling machine should not cool the operation of the cooling machine, must heat machine feeding operation, so to avoid the occurrence of stick (bearing axis) phenomenon.
3. double stage recycling machine inlet, the vent hole is strictly prohibited into the iron and other debris. So as to avoid accidents and affect production.

Third, double stage Plastic Pelletizing Recycling Machine work in the process of attention
1. at any time pay attention to changes in body temperature, with a clean hand touch sliver does not stick, it should immediately heat up. Until the sliver is normal.
2. reducer bearing parts burned, or accompanied by noise should be timely maintenance, and add fuel.
3. the host bearing at both ends of the bearing parts of the hot hand or murmur, to stop maintenance and add butter. Normal work, the bearing room every 5-6 days plus butter once. attention to find out the operation of the machine; such as temperature, speed, speed, according to the situation, timely processing.
5.the fuselage is unstable, should pay attention to check the coupling of the gap is too tight, to timely loose some loose.



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