Double chamber packaging machine

The double chamber baler is an efficient and stable automatic baling equipment. It adopts double compression chamber design, which can handle two different materials at the same time, greatly improving the working efficiency. The machine is equipped with an automatic balancing device to ensure safe operation and reduce accidents. It adopts NOK seals and A.M.C oil pipe joints imported from Japan to ensure long-lasting durability and stable operation of the equipment. The large-diameter inlet and baling bin are convenient for loading, while the baling slot design on the door is easy to observe and operate. The double chamber baler is suitable for various industries, such as factories, logistics centers and ship transportation, providing a convenient solution for baling various materials.

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Description and Application

A dual chamber packaging machine is an automated packaging equipment with two independent working chambers. It can handle two packaging tasks simultaneously, greatly improving packaging efficiency. Each chamber is equipped with an independent compression and packaging system to ensure the stability and reliability of the packaging process.

Double chamber packaging machines are widely used in various fields, including factories, warehouses, logistics centers, ship transportation, etc. It is suitable for packaging various materials, such as waste paper, waste plastics, textiles, paper, plastics, etc. In manufacturing factories, double chamber packaging machines are often used to pack waste materials and finished products; In logistics and ship transportation, it is used to package various goods for better storage and transportation.

Performance characteristics

Assembly of automatic balancing device: The double chamber packaging machine is equipped with an automatic balancing device, which ensures that the machine can automatically adjust to maintain balance during material placement, avoiding accidents caused by improper placement of materials, thereby increasing the safety and stability of the equipment.
High quality sealing ring: The equipment adopts NOK sealing ring imported from Japan, which has excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and oil resistance, which can effectively extend the service life of the machine and reduce maintenance costs.
A. M.C oil pipe joint: The dual chamber packing machine also uses Japanese A M. The C oil pipe joint is manufactured with high precision to ensure no oil leakage, further improving the reliability and safety of the equipment.
Large caliber feeding port and packaging bin: The machine is designed with a large caliber feeding port and packaging bin, making loading materials more convenient and efficient, while also accommodating more materials, improving packaging efficiency.
Door packaging groove design: In order to facilitate observation and bundling operations, the door of the double chamber packaging machine also has a packaging groove, which allows staff to clearly see the packaging process and also facilitates bundling operations.
Dual compression chamber design: This packaging machine adopts a dual compression chamber design, which means it can handle two different materials simultaneously, greatly improving work efficiency.

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Stresses 3 tons
Filling port size 700*500mm
Compression chamber size 700*500*728mm
Mass size 700*500*(150-400)mm
Weight of a mass 30-60kgs
Power 0.75kw
Machine weight 500kgs
Machine exterior dimensions 1600*560*1750mm

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