Difference Between Plastic Granulator And Plastic Shredder?


Customers often consult us plastic granulators and plastic shredder machines what is the difference? Used for waste plastic recycling and crushing the choice of shredder or plastic granulator? For this problem, Wan Rong thinks, first of all, what is the difference between the two and the use of different? Secondly, according to the nature of the user to handle the material to decide which kind of crushing machinery is more suitable for the user.

The difference between the structure and use of plastic granulator and plastic shredder

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four shaft shredder plastic granulator

Plastic shredder machine according to the different structures can be divided into single shaft shredding machine, double shaft shredding machine, four shaft shredding machine; Single shaft shredder is only designed from the structure of a knife roller, power drive configuration of a motor, the power is relatively small, small power consumption, small plastic recycling granulation factory is more suitable for single shaft shredder. The two-axis shredding machine adopts two spindles to bite the blades of the rollers. General configuration of 2 motors, 2 reducers, strong power, large power loss. Biaxial shredding machine is suitable for large plastic recycling enterprises. There are clear quantitative standards for the daily capacity and crushing amount. For example, some users need to produce about ten tons, which requires the choice of double shaft shredder machine. Due to the wide use of shredding machines, not only is used for plastic crushing but also widely used for wood, metal, waste paper, rubber, tires, other garbage shredding and so on.

Plastic shredder machine video:

Plastic granulator machine video:

The purpose of plastic granulators is only used for the crushing of waste plastic, so there is an essential difference between the two in terms of use and structure. The crushed particles are generally 3-12mm, which can be ground or recycled for granulation after crushing. The size of the shredder is larger than the particle of the granulator. Generally, customers only need to tell us whether there is a requirement for the final discharge size. We will have professional engineers to provide solutions to you.

The price of double shaft shredder machine is much higher than that of plastic granulator. For small and medium-sized waste plastic processing and recycling enterprises, the high price and cost are unacceptable.

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