Current status and technological progress of waste plastic recycling


The recycling of waste plastic is an important way to turn waste into treasure and solve ecological and environmental pollution. As a measure to save energy and protect the environment, the recycling of waste plastics is widely valued by countries around the world. Waste plastic recycling methods mainly include technologies such as separate recycling, production of monomer raw materials, production of clean fuel oil, and power generation. Some new waste plastic recycling technologies have been successfully developed and applied to applications.

According to Wrap’s research, plastic recycling plays an important role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Life cycle analysis shows that recycling 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide can be avoided per ton of plastic compared to alternatives to burial and incineration to recover energy.

The United States is the world’s largest plastic producer. According to statistics, the United States annually produces more than 34 million tons of plastic and more than 16 million tons of waste plastic. The U.S. drought has carried out research on the recycling of waste plastics in the 1960s. At present, 50% of waste plastic packaging is recycled, 18% of construction materials, 11% of consumer goods, 5% of auto parts, and electronic and electrical crystal 3%, true 13%; according to the seed of plastic raw materials, the proportion is 61% of polyolefin, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 13%, polystyrene (PS) 10%, polyester 11 %, Really he accounts for 5%.

Japan is the second largest country in plastics production and has a shortage of energy. Therefore, it has always taken a positive attitude towards the recycling of waste plastics. Japan’s waste plastic recycling has done a good job. According to Japan’s “Waste Plastic Management Association” statistics, 52% of Japan’s 10.2 million tons of waste plastic is recycled, including 2% for chemical raw materials, 3% for remelted solid fuels, 20% for fuel for power generation, 13 % Is used for thermal energy utilization of incinerators.

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