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Copper Wire Crusher Machine Electrostatic Separator For Separating Metal And Plastic

Copper Wire Crusher Machine Electrostatic Separator machines are accessory equipment of copper wire crusher which adopts advanced design, compact structure, stable working. It mainly fine separate plastic with collected by copper wire crusher. The separation rate of copper particles, dust, and cable filling material can reach 99%. After crushing plastic, the fan will deliver plastic into separator, the separator delivers dust, cable filling material into dust collector, plastic and copper go to bucket elevator. The bucket elevator delivers plastic to electrostatic separator; the electrostatic separator will separate copper and plastic thoroughly according to different adsorption principles. After separating, the plastic particles are very clean, balanced, dust free and high recycling rate; dust is collected by bag gatherer and working environment pollution free. This machine adopts automatic control except the manual feeding.

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Electrostatic separator is mainly made up of high-voltage electrostatic generator, frame, insulation board, conveyor belt, driving wheel, rotating wheel, recycling board, discharge electrode and metal protective net. It works on the principle of corona discharge, where two plates are placed close together and high voltage is applied. This high voltage is used to separate the ionized particles.
Materials processed by the electrostatic separation machine can be sorted two times in one machine. It ensures materials have high purity after separation. To satisfy your personal needs, we produce both single roller and twin roller electrostatic separators that will satisfy your wants forever.
Electrostatic separator is commonly used in the recycling industry, such as aluminum-plastic waste, copper-plastic waste, printed circuit board.

Application Areas of Electrostatic Separation Equipment:
Metal particles and non-metallic particles
Conductor and non-conductor
Aluminum-plastic waste, copper-plastic waste, printed circuit board(PCB)
Mineral separation, carbon content extraction
Grinding wheel ash extract metal

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Advantages of Electrostatic Separator:
▼ Highly efficient, energy saving and environmental protection separation equipment.
▼ After having been experimentally studied and theoretically studied for many years, it has reached very good separation effect. The impurity after separation can be less than 1%, that is also to say, the separation efficiency can be up to 99%.
▼ Whether metal or plastic, material processed will be separated two-time in our electrostatic separator. Hence, compared with other separation machines, this high voltage electrostatic separator has higher separation efficiency.
▼ Feeding hopper is the key device for enhancing the purity of materials. Our electrostatic separator adopts frequency control technology, which can achieve the best separation effect.
▼ After running for some period of time, lot of dust produced in the internal components of machine will affect the separation efficiency. To prevent this from occurring, our electrostatic separator adopts dust-blowing device, which makes machine always maintain high separation efficiency.
▼ Stable high voltage power is essential for separation. Electrostatic separation equipment adopts automatic voltage regulating device specially that ensures the high voltage power is always stable. Hence, the influence of humidity and electricity peak on machine is greatly reduced.
▼ It is easy to operate, good flexibility, the system safe and stable operation. And it possesses the automatic discharge system to provide reliable security for operator.

Electrostatic Separator working principle:
The electrostatic separator is also known as an electric separator. The high-voltage static electricity generated by the high-voltage generating device inside the device discharges the grounding rotating roller, and the material to be sorted is evenly dropped onto the rotating roller through a special cutting device. After receiving the electricity, the conductor material is put into the ground through the grounding rotating roller. With the inertia of the rotating roller, the conductor material is thrown into the conductor receiving hopper. After the non-conductor material receives electricity, due to its poor conductivity, it is adsorbed on the surface of the rotating roller and is swept by the brush as the roller turns to the back and falls into the non-conducting hopper. Some of the conductor and non-conductor materials fall into the intermediate material receiving hopper due to different reasons such as roller speed, equipment baffle adjustment distance, material particle size and how much power is received, enter the feeding machine and enter the discharging device for sorting.

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