Components and accessories for pulverizer/sprayer


Pulverizer/Sprayer composition:
Host section:
Feeding device: responsible for evenly feeding the material to be ground into the grinding area. This usually includes feeding hoppers, regulating devices, and conveying equipment.
Grinding system: mainly composed of grinding rollers, grinding discs, grinding rings, etc. The grinding roller rotates around the spindle and grinds the material into powder through the relative motion between the grinding disc and the grinding ring.
Discharge device: The ground material is discharged through the discharge port and enters the subsequent collection or processing system.
Transmission system:
Motor: Provides power for the grinding machine.
Reducer: converts the high-speed rotation output by the motor into a low-speed, high torque driving force to meet the working requirements of the grinding roller and grinding disc.
Spindle: Connect the motor and grinding roller to transmit driving force.
Gearbox: protects the transmission device to ensure smooth and reliable transmission.
Analysis system:
The analyzer separates coarse and fine materials through high-speed centrifugal force, ensuring that the fineness of the powder meets the requirements.
The screen is a key component of the analysis machine, and different specifications of screens can be replaced as needed.
Airflow system:
The blower generates airflow to transport materials from the feeding port to the grinding area, and then transports the ground powder to the collection device.
The cyclone separator uses centrifugal force to separate the powder from the airflow, ensuring the collection efficiency of the powder.
Control system:
The control cabinet contains an electrical control system and instruments, which are used to control the operating parameters of the grinding machine, such as motor speed, feed speed, etc.
Safety devices such as protective covers and emergency stop buttons ensure the safety of operators.

Whole Body Pulverizer Blade Segment Pulverizer Blade
Whole Body Pulverizer Blade
Hard force, working force is very large, can be customized according to the customer’s material characteristics of different types of blades, standard configurations.
Segment Pulverizer Blade
Segment pulverizer blade, after a long time use, only need to resharpen it, no need to replace the whole blade. A set of blades can be repaired 4-5 times, which reduces the operation cost of customers, and PNMF-600/800 can be equipped with split blades.
Temperature Control Vibrating Screen
Temperature Control
The enhanced cooling device for automatically controlling the temperature includes a nozzle for spraying in cooling water, regulating control devices, solenoid valves, thermostats, an automatic control device and a material feeding switch.
Vibrating Screen
Installation of screen according to the grinding mesh, continuous production, automatic classification and screening, easy to replace.
Bags Type Dust Catcher Intelligent Electrical Control
Bags Type Dust Catcher
Smaller footprint, lower price, can reduce the workshop dust, customers with higher requirements for environmental protection can choose pulse dust catcher.
Intelligent Electrical Control
Can be adjusted according to the actual situation simple operation, save time and effort

Pulverizer/Sprayer accessories:

Grinding rollers and grinding discs:
The grinding roller and grinding disc are the core grinding components of a powder mill, usually made of high hardness and wear-resistant materials, such as hard alloy or high manganese steel.
The sieve is located inside the discharge port or separation system of the powder mill, used to screen and grade the ground material, ensuring that the fineness of the powder meets the requirements.
Feeding device accessories:
Such as feeding hopper, regulating device, conveyor belt, etc., used to control the feeding speed and uniformity of materials.
Transmission system accessories:
Including couplings, transmission shafts, bearings, belts, etc., used to transmit the driving force between the motor and the main engine.
Control system accessories:
Such as electrical control cabinets, PLC controllers, touch screens, sensors, etc., are used to achieve automation control and monitoring of grinding machines.
Other accessories:
Such as lubrication system accessories (oil pump, oil tank, oil pipe, etc.), used to provide lubrication for key components; Safety devices (protective covers, emergency stop buttons, etc.) ensure the safety of operators; And cleaning and maintenance tools, etc.

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